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Poker tools for Android

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    Wink Poker tools for Android


    Can you recommend any poker tools for Android, which I can use during my live and online sessions?
    Basically I'm looking for something like PokerTracker, but for mobile.
    I need to be able to track my sessions, and evaluate it later.

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    Looks like there are not many useful apps out there, but here is what I've found so far:

    1) “Holdem Manager” – keeps track of your income/losings during live/online sessions (more of the financial part of the game)
    2) “Pokerstove” – hand range evaluation (similar to PC version)
    3) “All-In Poker Tracker” – checks your luck factor and keeps track of your all-ins for each session
    4) "Poker Agent" - bankroll management tool, similar to "Holdem Manager"
    5) "Donkey Tracker" - poker tracking for live poker. This app creates a simple HUD (heads up display) for live casino poker.

    Also I noted, that you have to manually-enter your hands every time, so if you know any automated tool for online sessions - let me know.
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    My advice is: Do not try to use a HUD in live poker unless everyone at the table is doing it. If you all want to slow down the game so that you can track stuff, that's one thing, but trying to track stuff while the game is going at the usual pace is no good.

    You have to enter a ridiculous amount of hands (in the thousands or tens of thousands) to gain any information beyond what your gut should be telling you already, anyway. That HUD data is simply not as useful to you when the cost to generate it involves you pulling your attention from the action.

    I suspect you'll reduce your EV by paying attention to entering data and not to the flow of the table.

    (From experience. I created my own stats generator in Excel. I used it for a while and discovered that it was a massive drain on my attention and that I became mentally fatigued over a shorter session from all the back-and-forth mental gear switching. Note: I love generating and looking at data tables, so I'm a decent test case for viability of combining these activities.)

    WTF is "luck factor?"
    No. I don't want to know.
    Pretending that luck is anything more than an emotional response to (in this case) well-defined variance is another mental distraction.

    Your poker skill will improve more rapidly if you only focus on things you can control. You can't control card variance, so there's no point in spending any mental effort on thinking about it. You can control your ranges, your betting lines, your session length, whether or not you are well-rested and have gotten daily exercise. These are tangible things which you can set measurable goals on. When you focus on this kind of achievement, you are miles ahead of a player who moans about "luck" all the time.
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    What applications do you use to play poker online?
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    Good question, what works and is up to date nowadays?
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    Hello. Poker online game does not always require cool features from your phone. Personally I play on [link removed]. By and large, if your smartphone or tablet costs more than $ 150- $ 200, then this will be quite enough for a comfortable and uninterrupted game of mobile poker. If we are talking about Android, then it would be great to have a version at least 4.0. In the case of "apple" devices, iOS 7 and higher versions are welcome. Good luck with the game.
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    I removed a link from that last post. Mojo should check the edit and if he disagrees with that action he can undo it.
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    Talking about other web sites and poker apps, etc. is fine.

    Posting links to other web sites and poker apps can be fine, if the person posting has established some trust with us. That doesn't take much, just some actual interaction with active posters, so we can know you're a real person and not some robot spamming us.

    Posting links in your first 10 posts, or if you're not interacting with our active members is not OK.
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