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Priorities When Analyzing Opponents?

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    Question Priorities When Analyzing Opponents?

    Hey everyone,

    Is there a set list of things you try to take notice of when analyzing opponents?
    Say you just sat down at a table for a cash game and haven't seen any hands yet. How do you go about taking note of who is weak/strong player as the game progresses and just get a general feel for their play-style? Is there a priority of things to look for?

    For example, would you think "1) Okay these are the people frequently limping. 2)These people usually check the river. etc.." (if that makes sense)

    Just looking for some guidance on what to look for and how to practice. Being a beginner player, it's pretty overwhelming keeping track of 6+ players, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I dunno, well experienced players doesn't show any signs if their hands are weak
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    Online or live?

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    At the beginner level I'm pretty much looking for players who can't fold, and players who like to raise.
    After that I'm probably looking for players who like to play hands but fold a lot.
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    Spend some money, get a HUD! Tells you all that information automatically and lets you adjust where necessary.
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    That is the beauty of poker, it doesnt matter how they play, you can always devise the perfect defense and counterpunch hard.

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