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what other popular variants of poker game can I play?

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    Default what other popular variants of poker game can I play?

    Please anyone suggest me the popular alternatives of poker game. Also provide valuable information regarding that variants that brush up my understanding and i can win the real money.
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    Professional friend of mine is playing the new 5-card variant of omaha in China, saying it's the only game he can have a big enough edge to make big gains.
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    I got into badugi for a while, and at low stakes people are bad enough that a disciplined pot odds strategy along with basic hand reading skills and the ability to read the strength of one's own hand is enough to profit, but my biggest leak is weed. The more I make, the more I smoke.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    only tried texas holdem. Even Omaha seemed weird
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    In general, the less popular the game, the greater an edge you can find if you put in the time and effort to study the game. The more players in a game, the more active study and general knowledge will be in those communities.

    If you're in poker for the money, it is to your great advantage to learn those less popular games and to study them. The relative skill advantage you will have over the other players is greater for your invested time. The only problem is finding a table, then. Table selection tends to be less of an issue, but if there's only 1 table playing and you know you're the fish to at least 2 of the player already sitting, then just don't sit at that table. Watch and learn if you're in the mood, or just find another game to play where you've got a better edge against the table.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lysagrey View Post
    only tried texas holdem. Even Omaha seemed weird
    What did you end up choosing?
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    I play poker online and sometimes with friends. Although recently was in Vegas and the game was really successful.
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    Most of all I like to play at Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha and 7-Card Stud.

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