Hi guys,

Was taught many moons ago of my grandmother. Fine tuned in the British Army and now a civey again, I play local for fun and low yeild (small bets).

Have a group of around 7 guys who all seem to play the same way but then someone invited a new guy who tells us were all doing it wrong. So I look stuff up and there seems to be an infinite variation of poker and the an almost infinite variation of Hold 'Em.

I was wondering is our an official one? I can explain briefly how we play but please fell frr to ask Qs

So, dealer as normal deals to left. We have big blind, small blind then no blind. No anties.

EG Flop is delt. I have crap cards so tap (check). Player to my left lets call him Jonny raises 10 credits. So David the only other player in this 3 player game matches. Jonny then raises again (This is one of the areas we run into problems. New players say you cant do that, once you raised you raised. I feel that's bollox. I mean this is one of the ways I win. By starting to bet small then upping and upping) Play continues, all bets are matched or someone folds. On and on to showdown.

It really is that simple. Rinse and repeat above for Turn and River.

Id appreciate anyone's help identifying this 'brand' so we ca say to new guys, look we play XXX poker. New guys always want to play there way but seemingly only in the instance it would befit them.

First post so greetings.