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    Exclamation Adios, Pascal!

    I just wanted to make a public announcement that Pascal is no longer FTR's forum manager. We've greatly enjoyed working with Pascal over the past 18 months and he helped us keep things going within the forum. However, he has decided to resign to move on to other things and we wish him the very best!

    Please do not PM Pascal anymore with any questions. Instead, you can PM the new forum manager, jyms. jyms will gladly help you with any issues you are having.
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    gg wp pascal

    Jyms, I can has passwerd?
    Congratulations, you've won your dick's weight in sweets! Decode the message in the above post to find out how to claim your tic-tac
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    good 18months I reckon, brought the forum up to date, needed somebody to regulate the forum, jyms best off luck with your new job
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    Quote Originally Posted by givememyleg View Post
    new forum manager, jyms. jyms will gladly help you with any issues you are having.
    My calves do not seem to respond to anything. Oh right... you said 'pm' (sorry).

    Good luck on future endeavours Pascal!

    Congrats on the new job Jyms >>>> "HAMMER Time!"
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    Calves require working them from both a seated and standing posture. You need to have the knee at both 90 and 180 degrees to be able to isolate the gastroc and soleus. Also, calves are meant to work all day and require a ton of reps and varying weight to get any kind of growth. You need to make them sore the next day, and need to feel a burn in them while they are working. Don't stop when they burn, push through. Those are the reps that make them grow. Growth comes from tons of reps, tons of ranges of weights and tons of different rep ranges. Don't just hit calves on leg day. Hit them on shoulder day too, and ab day. And cardio day. They are the opposite of abs. When you don't feel anything, hit them. They should always be sore, then rested, then sore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poker Orifice View Post
    My calves do not seem to respond to anything.
    walk on your toes
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    take care pascal
    hopefully still see you around

    gl with the new job jyms
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    thanks guys
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    Good luck pascal! I hope you still play in our poker games. Gauntlet up soon...

    And good luck to jyms! Tilting forum manager era ahead.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    Thanks for all you did, Pascal. You're one of the few people who managed to contribute less to Werewolf than me. That takes talent.
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    werewolf, I didn't even know what the game was about. and I sighned up to play
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    GL with your new life missions Pascal!

    And congrats Jyms!
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    Why haven't I seen this thread earlier?

    Oh well...better late than never Good luck Pascal, with whatever you will do in the future
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