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    Event Gauntlet 2017?

    If we were to create a 2017 Gauntlet, who would be interested in playing?

    It would likely be a short 6-8 week season with 2 games per week. Prizes would be minimal, but I think it would be fun if we could get a dozen or so players.

    So, who would sign up?
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    Well, looks like no one.

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    I like
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    No interest in this from me.
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    Only just spotted this and interested. I guess it will be tricky to get a convenient time for all, so maybe just a Sunday game each week? No need for FTR to lay on any prizes from my perspective either.
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    Unfortunately I probably can't make the timing of this swing
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    Thank you for invite, but I haven't played online poker in years, now.

    I wont participate.
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    Yes. Sorry was slow seeing this thread, I probably cleared new posts without reading!
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    I'd be up for it. You'll have to pm me the start date and time because I don't check this area of FTR
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    I am not able to play
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    i'll setup a trial game sometime in the coming weeks and see how people show up, then we can determine if it's worth setting up a season. details to come.
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    I would be happy to participate if there are some interesting events.
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    I would like to host in the 2018 Gauntlet. I am interested in hosting games in my online club and gauranting prize money. Someone shoot me a response so we can get this going.


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