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    I'm new here, I'm interested in learning tricks and strategy for poker i'm tired of always ending up as the loser every time I play it with my friends and cousins. I'm also interested in online poker...
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    keith - I've hard deleted the last two posts, one of which you soft deleted, since both were from the same IP address and clearly backlinking. Also banned both accounts. Just wanted to let you know I've done that in case you wondered where the posts went.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    yo insane_Homer, if you're still in this forum what have you learnt so far
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    I'm Ben, I'm also new here!
    I like poker and want to know more about poker, poker tools, about current events and be in on this.
    I am pleased to be here for knowledge and experience sharing.
    My passion, interest, and experience are related to blockchain technology. In addition, I specialize in the analysis and development of mobile, web, and cloud applications.
    I hope to be an active ""cardschater"" and be useful to you and learn new information for myself.
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