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    Default Wins & Decent Scores Thread

    Been a while since anybody posted some good news here. Rediscovered my inner nit and run good today:

    - 3/1576 in the $5.50 Featherweight on Party for $718 (doubled my BR)
    - satellited into the $109 live Brighton Grand Prix after playing a handful of $5.50 steps

    Feel free to add yours to the thread!
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    Not a big score, but nice to final table - just need to play a bit more aggressively when down to the final two tables and reduce the need to win a couple of coin flips:

    6/1036 on Stars $5.50 Deep Stack for $178.
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    Tournament doom switch ended today:

    1/1359 in the Party "Mission 1: Point" freeroll for $675.
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    Good job keep it up!

    Hearing about tourney scores makes me wanna play.. but alas.. having a little one and the duration of tourneys doesn't mesh well!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay-Z
    I'm a couple hands down and I'm tryin' to get back
    I gave the other grip, I lost a flip for five stacks
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    ^^Thanks. MTTs are definitely a lot softer than cash, but I'm usually the same as you re the time requirement.
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    Also, just won this:

    Now get to play Boris Becker heads-up in a Czech casino for $25k. Gulp.
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    Week off work and back on tournaments.

    2/2232 Party $5.50 Jab for $1,314.
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    2/3701 in the Hot $2.20 for $709. Disappointing not to hold with top pair versus a flush draw HU, but I can't complain.

    Anybody else had any deep runs lately?
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    Chopped the Stars Big $3.30 heads-up for $1.9k. We flipped from there and I ended up winning, 1/6177.

    Not on the M2M level of cashes, but still pleased with the win.
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    5/2544 in the Hot $5.50 for $512. Knocked out with KK<QQ for big chip lead. $2.9k for the win
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    New gimmick that I quite like - I'm sure other recs will too:
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    Few final tables this weekend in the $3.30-$5.50 range. Profit approx. $500 but no wins or score above $400. Would be good to get in the top 1% on OPR this year on either Stars or Party.
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    2/1100 in a $5.50 turbo on Stars for $548.

    Then sigh 14/8000 on the Bigger $7.50 for $211 with $7.9k for the win. Played it ok but just ran out of run good.
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    Good start to the year +$1,000

    - 1/115 Sky £7.70 Bounty Hunter for £148

    - 2/784 Stars $7.50 8-Max Deep Stack for $618 (some very fishy calls by villain HU but he was right all 3 times and a big winner so something to think about - he owned it 3-4 handed).

    - 15/1800 Stars $7.50 KO for $112. Busted KK vs QQ for chip lead. $900 plus bounties up top so annoying, but ran hot to that point.

    - Was 5/8 on Party $5.50 final table before Party crashed and all tournaments got cancelled. Should be another $200-ish once they do the admin.
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    Freak night:

    1/131 on Sky £7.70 Bounty Hunter for £207

    1/252 on Sky £5.50 Bounty Hunter for £251

    1/323 on IPoker €10 Mega Deep for €603

    Couple of other Stars deep runs in there as well, but nothing >10x BI. Frustrating bust out deep in the Big 11 from a good position, but can't really complain.
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    I finished 56th from 15k runners in a $5 WCOOP game, picked up just over $100. Busto hand was AK vs KK bvb.

    Nice work there bean.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    Reinvesting my winnings. I'm already registered in the $22 game, due to start in ten minutes, and I intend to play the $50 micro main event. Poor bankroll management? Not really, if I lose both games I'll just fire up some more funds. This is a once yearly day of poker, and it costs me something like fifty quid, which I can smoke in a week.
    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    Cashed in the $22, bust out shortly after.
    Still going in the $55, doubled up after binking a river king, KK vs AA for my tourny life. Needed a change of underwear after that one.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    Couple more wins this evening:

    1/366 €10 IPoker Mega Deep for €683

    1/94 Unibet €10 Dark Matter for €250

    Could do with a run on Stars and 888 now - can't seem to win more than 1-2 all ins on those sites this year, which is problematic in huge fields.
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    Rare midweek session:

    2/220 £5.50 Mini UKOPS Bounty Hunter on Sky for £160. Desperately unlucky HU against a very weak player.

    3/348 $12 Deepstack Catfish on 888 for $550. Didn't play 3 handed great, but pleased that I moved from 1/40 to 1/4 incident free.
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    1/780 Stars $3.30 Zoom for $358.
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    I just got one outered on the river, straight flush vs nut flush, AQs vs 99, and still walked away from the hand with a healthy side pot vs AK.

    Ok not much of a win, but how often do you lose to a straight flush and still win money? Pretty sure that's a first for me.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    Also yesterday...
    Aggro fish opens ep
    Aggro fish 3bets mp
    Hero has AQs on bb, shoves
    ep calls
    mp folds, says in chat "AK spades".

    ep shows KK
    hero flops ace, holds.

    Possibly the luckiest pot I've ever won? That guy who folded AKs must be the only person on sky poker who makes that fold. We're talking 30bb relative stacks.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    Posting on behalf of one of our former members...

    Quote Originally Posted by wufwugy View Post
    ongies gonna ong
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    Yes, such a combination falls out very rarely, lucky!
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    Hi all, I have a question a bit on the subject. I'm currently developing a small poker app and I'm missing a Vue.JS Developer partner. Can someone please tell me if anyone can recommend qualified specialists in this field?
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