Is American Online Poker Already Legal?

According to a recent ruling by the U.S. Justice Department, online poker may have been legal all along. The DOJ's Office of Legal Council (OLC) has re-examined the wording of 1961's Federal Wire Act, the law which, up until now, has stifled the existence of inter-state gambling.

New Jersey Schedules Online Gaming Vote

According to recent reports, New Jersey is on the verge of becoming the first state in the union to pass legislation which would legalize online gaming. Backed by Senator Raymond Lesniak, the bill, known as S490, may find itself on the Governor's desk in the very near future.

Congressional Poker Nemesis Losing Power

As the November elections loom, it seems as though one of online poker's biggest opponents may have talked his way out of a job. Alabama Republican Spence Bachus, who has raised eyebrows throughout the House of Representatives with his feeble arguments and disregard for facts, may lose his seat as the senior Republican on the Financial Services Committee.

Poker Gaining Recognition as Skill Game

“It's all in the cards” - What a load of baloney. As any devout poker player knows, the cards play a more minor role than most outsiders would ever believe. While the game's practitioners and devotees have long been aware of this distinction, it seems as though the court of public opinion is finally beginning to swing our way. More than ever, individuals and entire nations are beginning to see that a winner's edge comes not from the two pieces of paper in his or her hand, but from the quick computations and sharp observations made regarding their opponents.

Iowa Moves to Legalize Online Poker

If a group of Iowa State Congressmen gets its way, gaming sites and FTR members won’t be the only ones making money from online poker. If passed, the Congressmen’s plan would make Iowa the first state in the nation to allow and regulate in-state online...