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Double Double Jackpot Poker

As you’ve probably already guessed, Double Double Jackpot Poker is very similar to the video poker variant Double Jackpot Poker. Although Royal Flush still pays out the most, four-of-a-kind is the hand to hit in this game.

Players should take note that in this variation, unlike the classic Joker Poker, the strength of your four-of-a-kind has a big impact on the payout and four Aces with a King, Queen or Jack as your fifth card is the most valuable.

If you’re from the United States then we recommend you head over to bet365 Casino to play this video poker variant, as their pay table is the most generous. They also offer an awesome welcome bonus with the code GAMES250, which will see you receiving 100% up to $250 on your first deposit, (redeemable up to four times) and can be cleared playing Double Double Jackpot Poker. You can play for free below, or keep reading to improve your strategy!

Play Double Double Jackpot Poker below!

Just like in Joker Poker the biggest payouts come from Straight and Royal Flushes – and you get a lot more bang for your buck with a Royal Flush if you bet 5 coins instead of 4 – but these are very hard to hit. The big twist here is more than one payout rate for four-of-a-kind hands depending on their value, and as you can see in the pay table below there are five different ways to hit four-of-a-kind: 4 Aces w/ KQJ (Four of a Kind Aces with a King, Queen or Jack as your fifth card), 4 Aces, 4 KQJ w/AKQJ, 4 KQJ and 4 deuces through tens.

The generous payouts on all sort soy 4-of-a-kind hands make the lower ranked hands less valuable, so be sure to bear this in mind when deciding what you want to draw to. It’s also very important to check if your casino makes a distinction in the payout of four-of-a-kind based on your kicker or not. bet365 Casino actually pays out just as well for the best three of these five holdings, which is why they’re our recommendation for where to play.

Last but not least Double Double Jackpot Poker shares a common feature with its little brother: an optional double-or-nothing bonus round each time you win a hand. If you like games that have a little bit more excitement thrown in, this could be the variant for you.

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