Poker Strategy: Omaha

When two cards just aren’t enough.

Starting hand values tend to run pretty close together in Omaha, and this leads many to the erroneous conclusion that it’s just a luck-fest. It’s good for the poker ecosystem that some people feel this way, but if you count yourself among their number, then you’re doing yourself a disservice. Preflop equities only matter before the flop, and postflop play is what separates the winners from the chumps at the Omaha tables. To start raking in the chips, you must be aware of how to read your hand, the importance of big draws, how to avoid getting freerolled, the profitability of nut draws and other deep considerations. The articles in this section cover all of these topics and more, so they’ll serve as an excellent primer to the inner workings of this sometimes-confusing game. If you’re a Hold’em enthusiast, then it’s about time you dabbled in the “dark side” so that you can participate in juicy PLO games.