Official Press Releases & Announcements

Full Tilt Poker to Re-Open on November 6, 2012

Full Tilt Poker will re-open its doors on November 6, 2012. Poker players will have access to the money they had in their accounts on Black Friday and can benefit from many of the poker room’s new promotions and freerolls. Pros, Gus Hansen, Viktor Blom and Tom Dwan will represent the site.

Flop Turn River Attracts 10,000th Member

Since it was introduced in 2003, has succeeded in putting together a community of poker players which includes people new to the game and others who’ve played for decades. Players enjoy talking about everything related to poker and other topics in Flop Turn River’s lively forums.

Flop Turn River Introduces Poker Video Tutorials

In addition to providing free poker tools such as its Poker Odds Calculator and Tournament Trimmer to help poker players improve their game, Flop Turn River now offers free poker video tutorials. Players can share their opinions of the videos they watch, ask questions and/or comment about them.