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So FTR has existed since October, 2003. Are we succeeding? Well, I think by looking at the feedback we’ve received, we are on the right track. These are real emails and message board/forum posts that we’ve received, and I’m very happy that the community we’ve built here has educated and inspired many poker players, and has even transformed casual, recreational poker players into well-educated, skilled, and consistently profitable poker players!

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Bluff Magazine logo was mentioned in the January 2013 issue of BLUFF magazine as a notable forum to educate yourself as a poker player and improve your game.

Lee Jones, former PokerStars cardroom manager, stated in the March 2009 issue of Bluff Magazine that if you’re looking to improve your game, has golden information.


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Poker Pro Magazine’s July 2009 issue featured famous poker pro Chris “Wallace” Fox and his recommendation of as a free poker training website.

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Absolute Poker Pro Trishelle Cannatella recommends FTR!

Andrew emailed:

I just signed up for your forum and I’ve learned SO much reading your
articles! You guys helped me stop fishing and actually LEARN the game.
Your other forum members are also great and have helped me out personally.
Your site rocks and I’m now far more knowledgeable with the game and I’m
making winnings now and not losses! Thanks

Dave emailed:

First of all great site guys. The information you provide is excellent and
you guys have really helped me learn to play no-limit. I used to think that
no-limit was not my game, so I played limit for a while, but now I find I
can win at no-limit. Thanks!!

David emailed:

You guys are really inciteful. I think the quote of the day for

Bad Slow play –
“What does matter is that I play the hand the best possible way,
that I make the right decisions regardless if my opponent makes the right or
wrong decision.”

Albert emailed:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on Holdem No Limit.
I started playing 1 week ago.

I put $50 dollars on

Started playing pennnies… .05/.10 cent FIXED
Then on my second day, .01/.02 cent NO LIMIT
ok.. first week, $20 profit.

Then yesteday I started playing .10/.25 cent NO LIMIT.

I won 50 bucks yesterday.. and this afternoon I won $110 bucks!!!!
With minimum risk-taking!

So my account that 1 week ago started $50 is now over $230.
I’ll soon start playing .25/.50 NO LIMIT.

I play tight-agressive, and thanks to your tips I will be able to win a lot at poker.


Bermuda Bill emailed:

Kudos to the FTR crew for sponsoring a high quality site, particularly considering that it’s
“free.” Even more surprising, it’s not at all obvious how you benefit?! FTR

Mark M emailed:

Thanks a lot. And thanks for your Web site. I am going to memorize the odds
and start playing for money.



Aaron emailed:

First of all I’d like to say how informative I find to be. I discovered it doing
a search on hold em and think it is a great resource.

Lewis emailed:

Dear Tyson and Eric,

Just wanted to let you guys know that your site is incredible. It is hard to find a site about no limit games.

And my personal favorite piece of fan mail from John Wiese:

nice site

John Wiese

thestrokes wrote:

flop turn river is awesome – Want to thank this site and everyone on it im up more than 8 buy ins since i checked this place out and started applying some strategies, thanks so much.

racer95 wrote:

Thanks! Just wanted to thank everyone here for all of the info and encouragement! Finally made it to the money in mtt!! I can’t really pick any one contribution so I will just thank you all!!

ShotFrog wrote:

Just some praise and thanks – I just want to thank the FTR community for being supportive and encouraging of new players. Poker is a complicated, intimidating game, and it would be easy to quit, particularly without folks like FTR to help out. Instead, you’re making it much more fun and profitable for me.

Thanks, everyone.

alias2211 wrote:


I fucking LOVE this site! LOVE, like more than my TiVo. LOVE. If I could fuck this site, I would have already done it by now, then I would make sweet love to it. Since I found it a couple of months ago, I have spent at least 5-10 hrs/week on it. I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Everyone on the forums are helpful in some way (explicitly or implicitly) and the sense of community here is the strongest online that I’ve found. So thanks for that.

Anonymous wrote:

Just a word of thanks to the guys who put this site together, and particularly Tyson Tanaka who shows how a normal Joe can actually make a few bucks playing poker. I can actually understand everything here and apply it. Well done.

mike4066 wrote:

Thats one of the things I liked about this place too.. not everything was “theory” there were examples and proof. It was made easy for the simple minded like me 🙂

BoondockSaint wrote:

Yeah the only reason I am even playing is because of this site. I am sure I would of lost my money real quick without this and just given up. Now it has become quite a nice source of extra income.

strangebird wrote:

This site has truly helped me also. There are a lot of smart people here.

SpecOps wrote:

I have to concur with the “guest” that started this thread. I found this site when looking to find new chip tricks and got caught up in reading the boards.

I think there is some great knowledge in here and some awesome experiences.

Keep up the great site. 😀

Knish wrote:

I play poker everyday and was looking for a place like this. I have been on other forums but none as good as this. This site is great and I look forward to talking poker w/ you guys. Thanks for this site!

crazyeddie wrote:

Hey gang,

I’ve been a long-time lurker and I just wanted to say thanks for the great website and forums. The frequent updates and the insights you provide are really helping my game.

Please keep the constant PP examples coming. They are great!

Thanks again,

rascallysquirrel wrote:

I just want to say that this is an awesome site. Both the articles and forum have been a great help in my game! Keep it up 🙂

SAChip wrote:

I would also like to say how beneficial this site has been. Keep up the good work

Fnord wrote:

I learned how to play Hold ’em from Sklansky, I learned how to make money playing NL Hold ’em from this site and Mike Caro, the true Mad Genius.

SteveO wrote:

First off, this is a great site for beginners. Love the hand histories and essays. Message board is fun have not seen any jerks or poker nazis (you know what i mean, people who think they are poker know-it-alls).

Bite wrote:

I dropped by this forum via the flopturnriver site. It’s a nice site, my compliments. I have played holdem for about 3 months now. I started off with the usual low-limit fixed games and the swings in my (poor) bankroll were enormous. I have now switched to No Limit and I aint ever going back to fixed.

fishstick wrote:

thanks for a great site, and also to all of the contributers. i have so much to learn, but this is a good start.

keep up the excellent work!

fishstick wrote:

first off, this site rocks. i’ve already gotten a ton of good information, and am happy that FTR basically got me playing $25 NL PL holdem (as opposed to always playing limit). it beats the grind of tight-aggressive limit.

thanks for the help, and keep up the good work.

cHoCoL@Te wrote:

Cool website!!

Oh God Yeah!!!

scgolfer wrote:

This is the best place for Hold’em. It is orginized very well and the users are all in it to both help and learn. I love poker and FTR.

codemachine wrote:

Thanks everyone for your insight and advice on this wonderfull web site.

jobupoker wrote:

Just wanted to say I appreciate all the honest information. It’s nice to see examples of good play, and also bad play. I like to see everyone’s opinions on the various hands that get posted.

heatman wrote:

I kept coming back because there was good info out there, now I’m checking FTR more than my e:mail (don’t tell my boss! 😉 ).

doubleup wrote:

Thanks for all the tips you guys post, I don’t think I’d be doing as well if it wern’t for FTR.

Humphrind wrote:

I have to say that this is THE most informative, complete and helpful holdem site on the web. Appreciation and congratulations to all the administrators. You have all surpassed my expectations. Thank you for giving me such a great place to hang out.

Humphrind wrote:

I have to give due credit to this forum. It’s because of all the posts I’ve read here that I can see how much better I am getting at picking up on this stuff.

Ripptyde wrote:

I’ve seen 2plus2 and thepokerforum but FTR is the best by far. No comparison.

GDS223 wrote:

Fairly new as a participant in the FTR community, but I’ve been watching for a while. I figured I was overdue to start making some of my own posts on the board here, so I’ve signed up.

…Anyway, love the site and the message board. I think you’ll be hearing a lot from me in the future.

jmrogers7 wrote:

…You will find this site extremely helpful, as I know I have, in improving your NL game. Everyone here is incredibly knowledgeable and quite willing to impart that knowledge here to help people improve their game. Fnord and ttanaka in particular are awesome with their insights and suggestions.

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