Tournament Trimmer

The FTR Tournament Trimmer was developed to condense the long string of hand histories from a multi-table or single-table tournament into something much shorter and easier to read. The idea with this tournament hand history converter is to condense meaningless hands where our hero simply folds. The hands are condensed into a single line of text – quickly showing the cards, the action, and our hero’s M value (M Value is the ratio of the user’s stack to the initial pot. This is calculated by dividing the user’s stack by the sum of blinds and antes – the inital pot). The hands that our hero does get involved with are then displayed in detail.

If you’re looking to get even more out of the trimmer, be sure to check out a new tool – Poker Stats DB. The Poker Stats DB tool allows you to trim tournaments, and gives additional features, such as – comparing your tournament to seasoned professionals, look at potential leaks in your game, and analyze important stats. You can also post your results in any poker forum!

The FTR Tournament Trimmer currently supports ACR Poker, Bovada Poker, and ACR Poker.

The README-web.txt

* Tournament Trimmer v 1.1 w *
* (February 2007) *
* *


The Tournament Trimmer was created to help poker players in the
analysis of Texas Hold’em tournaments. The program prompts the
user for information about the file(s) to be analyzed, then
parses through the files, performing calculations for M and
condensing hands in which the user folds preflop to a single line.

The condensed history follows the following format:
[Cards] Position (M Value; action preceding user + User Action)

*Cards are the cards dealt to the user.
*Position is the position the user occupied at the table
(determined by the location of the dealer button).
This is one of:
UTG, UTG+1, UTG+2, MP1, MP2, CO-1, CO, BU, SB, BB.
*M Value is the ratio of the user’s stack to the initial pot.
This is calculated by dividing the user’s stack by the sum of
blinds and antes.
*Action preceding the user represents the action seen before the
user acted preflop. Actions are separated by a + sign. Each
action is represented by a lowercase letter: c means called,
f means folded, p means pushed all-in, r means raised.
*User Action represents the action taken by the user. The same
translation as above applies, however the actions taken by the
user are represented by capitol letters.

[2s 3c] UTG+1 (M=50.00; r+F)
The user was dealt 2s and 3c as his down cards, was second to act,
had 50 times the sum of blinds and antes, faced a raise from the
player who was first to act, and chose to fold.


Please send refer as many people as you would like to use this tool!

The Tournament Trimmer was developed by JeffreyGB from It is freely available as a PHP form at


1) Go to
2) Fill out the form
-select Site
-change alias if desired
-browse to file
3) Click “Trim Tournament” button at the bottom of the page
4) After processing, the “Output” block will fill with the trimmed
tournament history. Analyze here or copy and paste to another location.


Future Features
PHP version:
-Support for additional poker sites:
*Absolute Poker
-Handle names with spaces

Other versions:
-No longer under development


Known Issues
-Names with spaces: Currently, names with spaces in them result
in an error. Future versions will address this.


Version History
-Corrected display bug in Full Tilt hands.

-Offical release!

-Fixed bugs in combining the two versions
-Added html output
-Changed validation process
-Updated archival support
-Combined features of 0.9.8w with 0.9.7w.
-Added archival support
-Added beautification options (to make posting hand histories
more attractive in forums)
-Additional filtration for Party Poker
-Abbreviated antes display for Party Poker
-Improved chat filtration for Full Tilt and Party Poker
-Corrected handling of “folded to hero’s BB” situations
-Corrected display of stacks for people who are sitting out
-Altered support for multiple files:
*Removed checkbox
*Added “number of files” selection
*Coded reloading to allow simultaneous multiple file upload
-Added support for multiple files via add-to-previous checkbox
-Corrected antes and related M calculation for Full Tilt
-Added support for Party Poker
-Added support for Full Tilt
-Corrected parsing of Stars histories in email format
-Moved to php interface hosted at
-Updated README to reflect facts about php interface rather than
dos-based exe; previous versions of the README are available by
request only. To obtain one, send a private message to JeffreyGB
on the Forums at
-Current support exists only for PokerStars

0.8 (never officially released):
-Corrected implementation for Full Tilt hand histories.
-Added filtering to remove rebuy notifications from Stars rebuy
tournament histories.

-Corrected issues related to Pokerstars histories in the alternate
(emailed) format. Biggest change = correction to blinds computation
and M calculation.
-Corrected processing of hands folded to hero’s BB. Previously these
hands resulted in a message stating that hero did not play in the hand.
-Added a check for missing files during processing of multi-file
tournaments. Previously program only detected when the first file
was missing and produced errors when other files were missing.
-Fixed M calculation (again):
*Pokerstars when no antes are present. This was previously resolved, and
yet somehow version 0.7.1 undid the fix. Corrected again.
*Party limit tournaments (if “Blinds(” is not present, look for “Stakes(“)
-Added support for the syntax Party uses when emailing histories.
-Added warning about post size limitation for online forums (displayed
for histories exceeding 65535 characters).
-Restructured method for storing/outputting hands to minimize I/O
-Added feature to print Stats at the beginning of a history.
-Added feature to replace Hero’s name with “Hero”.
-No longer case-sensitive on site selection.
-Added filtering to PP to remove “You have options…!!!” announcements.
-Added support for typing file without including .txt
-Altered order of questions (for non-PS sites).
-Corrected link display in Party histories.
-Correct M calculation with no antes present at Party
-Fixed infinite loop when files do not exist: program will now announce
when start file could not be found

-Abbreviated antes section – previously the hand was listed as
in the original history; now the lines about posting the ante
are condensed to a single line stating that all players post
the ante.
-Added support for Ultimate Bet (UB).
-Added support for Full Tilt (FT).

-Renamed program.
-Altered output slightly to fit new name and additional stylistic
-Corrected infinite loop encountered in some malformed hands.
-Added support for slightly non-standard format of Poker Stars
histories exported from Poker Tracker.
-Altered output slightly for stylistic/linking reasons.
-Altered help text.
-Added support for processing multiple files on sites which do
not save all tables to the same file. Files must be entered in
the order in which play occurred. The program will produce one
output file, regardless of how many files are processed for input.
-Added support for Paradise Poker histories. Because Paradise Poker
does not save histories to a player’s hard drive, they must be
copied from email sent by Paradise Poker. The history should end
before the line of dashes on the final hand.

-Corrected calculation of M when antes are included. Previous
versions assumed a full table of antes. As of 0.4, the number
of players at each table is computed before adding in the antes,
resulting in a more accurate starting pot (and M) when short-handed.
-Added auto-detection of player identity from the first hand history.
-Altered execution/prompts to reflect the new ability to auto-detect
player identity from the first hand history.
-Added support for single-file parsing of Party Poker histories.
Since Party Poker saves each table in a different file, each must
be run separately and combined together manually.
-Updated error message to reflect new execution conditions
(and to launch before prompting the user for any information).

-Corrected calculation of M when antes are included. Previous
versions did not detect antes correctly. As of 0.3, they are
detected, multiplied by 9 (number of players at a full Stars table),
and added to the blinds and antes.

-Renovated code to C++ to allow easier GUI creation and .exe
-Only PokerStars support is fully completed.
-Double-click execution not supported (cmd-line arguments must be

-Created .jar to enable double-click execution (if no arguments
are given, user will be prompted for the required information).
-Initial distribution. Java implementation supporting single-file
processing of histories for Party Poker and Pokerstars.


Special thanks to Xianti, Eric, Tyson, Sykedupp, and other members of for their help in concept and testing
for the Tournament Trimmer.