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Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos host live dealer games where an actual person is dealing the cards. You can chat with them while you are waiting on your next hand. Casinos often encourage you to ask about Blackjack strategies or just talk about life in general. Chat it up with the dealers.They don’t mind.

Blackjack is a game where the objective is to get as close to 21 as you can without going over it. But, it’s really just a game between you and the dealer. The other players on the table are of no concern to you as far as winning goes. As long as you beat the dealer, you win. It’s the most popular game in the casino and now it can be played live on the internet at all hours of the day and night.

When you enter a real casino, Blackjack tables are going constantly. In Live Dealer Blackjack online, you can enjoy a few games from the comfort of your own home without leaving your computer. Plus, all the other features of live play are included. Chat with the dealer. Chat with other players. Beat the dealer and rake in your winnings. All aspects of the game are just like being at the real thing. is one of the best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos. With Euro Live Dealers and Asian Live Dealers, you can enjoy Blackjack with quite a few interesting choices. With the Euro Live Dealer, you can choose between Blackjack and Unlimited Blackjack. Play for free until you cut your teeth on a few games and then play for cash. But if you’re an advanced player, get right into the game and start winning. There’s actually an advantage to playing Live Dealer Blackjack over playing the software for the seasoned veteran. But, I’ll get to that later after I introduce you to yet another one of the best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos.

Just like Bet365, offers other Live Dealer games. But, Live Blackjack is one of their most popular games. With gorgeous Live Dealers, place your bet and start hitting. But, don’t bust because you’re paying too much attention to everything else that’s going on around you. William Hill’s environment is friendly and you’ll enjoy every minute of it. But, people come to play and win so you’ll definitely feel the seriousness of the game as you find your way around the tables.

Other Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos include,, and They each have good bonus deals and you’ll definitely enjoy the tables. So if you can’t make it to the real casinos, there are plenty of Live Dealer BlackJack Casinos from which to choose. Pictured here is bet365’s live dealer blackjack.

bet365 casino live dealer blackjack

For the advanced blackjack player, playing Live Dealer Blackjack is far better than playing Blackjack via software. The software randomly generates the cards making it harder for you to keep track. But, the shuffle exists in Live Dealer Blackjack. If you know how to count cards, you can have a huge advantage over the house. Get in on a few free hands at Bet365 and find out for yourself.

Of course, you have to know how to count cards in the first place. There are plenty of materials you can find to help you learn. Read our strategy articles and then get in on the action to see how good you can get. You can only get better with practice and Live Dealer Blackjack is the best place to get the practice.

If you are serious about playing Blackjack online, the Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos are perfect for you. Choose the casino that fits your style.Find your table and get in on a hand. There’s nothing like the action of the live casino, except of course the live casino online.

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