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Ah, the islands… After a week away in Antigua I came back to poker last night… played in 5 different $5.50 SNGs at FTP… well let me tell you, rum makes you rusty.

 First tourney I just played poorly.  No excuses.

 Second tourney (which was simultaneous to the first), I played bad but a little better.  5th place.

Third Tourney I stated as a single… then added tourney 4 and 5 each about 5 minutes later than the last.

Thirt tourney I raised in from MP with early position limper 3.5BB and KK, got two callers… flop had no scare cards in it… figured what the hell, shoved over after the flop, both called… much to my surprise.  It was fairly early yet and I never expected both to call, hell I figured one had AA hiding.  One had A-rag and the other had TT.  Cleaned both of them out and was way up in chips.  Follow that through with some tight play until the bubble, loosened way up and suffered a bit, got it back down to reasonable TAGG play with some loose blind steals and took it all the way to first.

The fourth tourney I kept in the game until the bubble, then got flushed out on my JJ pair… I shouldn’t have chased him but he was so loose I couldn’t help it.

The fifth tourney I got upset with… I was down to an M around 9 with blinds at the 50/100 level… drew QQ and shoved over… got called by one player… he shows 99 (this is all pre-flop) so i’m good right?  Nope… he hits the 9 on the river.

I can’t be upset about it really, I got money in when money was good… but it just sucks to get sucked out on the river.

I’ll be back in the swing totally in a day or two, with the bonus released I didn’t lose any money last night so I’m doing ok… back to normal soon, rushing to the top!