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The Cereus Network seems to attract problems, no matter what it does. This time, however, it is not their poker client that is in the middle of a scandal. The casino at Absolute Poker features a browser-based Keno client entitled Traditional Keno. With some investigative work, a poster on another online poker forum has discovered that the random number generator that powers this game is not very random at all.

It is rather difficult to explain the problem with the random number generator at Abosolute Poker’s Keno. For a visual explanation, click this link to view a video of the exploit. In short, when playing ten rounds in a row, the results are extremely predictable. It is almost guaranteed that one of the first five rounds will win; an event that should only happen 35.5% of the time but actually happens 96% of the time. Five games after this winning round, another winning round will occur after exactly five more rounds with an 87% likelihood. The chances of this happening 43 times out of a set of 50 attempts is about 1:10^45. The random number generator is simply not random.

It is amazing to see the Cereus Network continuously show the poker playing public that they do not take game fairness and security seriously. After the superuser scandal, the pot going the wrong way, and the huge security hole in their encryption softare, one may think that the Cereus Network would clean their act up. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. The Cereus Network still hasn’t released a public statement about this latest scandal. If you play at the Cereus Network, please take the time out to write to customer support and demand a public statement. Who’s to say that the random number generator used for their Keno game isn’t the same random number generator used for Blackjack, or even worse, their poker games? Check out what FlopTurnRiver’s members are saying about this latest scandal here.