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On June 29 in the early morning, the AGCC suspended Full Tilt’s license which halted all real money play. Since this happened, there has been little information on what the next step is for the company and its players who have millions of dollars locked up on the site.

Full Tilt has not said much, only displaying a message on their homepage:

System Update
We apologise but the system is currently down. Please check back later.

and sending a short e-mail to all of their players stating they must suspend all real money play and are working on a solution.

On July 3, The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) issued a media release about its discussions with Full Tilt Poker. You can see it below in its entirety:

Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) is in discussions, all be at an early stage, with its licensees trading as Full Tilt Poker and a third party concerning the prospective refinancing of Full Tilt Poker.

The objective of these discussions is to enable the site to re-open to its current and prospective players.

Contrary to current reports circulating in the media, AGCC has not authorised any statement by legal counsel in this regard and has no knowledge of the comments attributed by the editor of Gambling to a Mr. Werner Bers, of whom we are otherwise unaware, and disputes the correctness of his statement.

All and any further authorised announcements on this matter will be found on the website of AGCC at

Correspondence may be conducted via

Although it doesn’t say much, it seems like this is good news. It sounds like they want to work this out with Full Tilt Poker and open the site back up for real money play in a timely manner. Hopefully we hear more about this sooner than later. Be sure to check out FTR’s Black Friday coverage for new updates and developments.