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Tons of big names showed up for this one, including Hellmuth, Clouthier, McEvoy and Channing. But a relative unknown went home with the biggest money prize, the bracelet and the bragging rights. Anthony Harb came on top of the field of 1,646 each of whom paid $2,000 to play. The prizepool for this event was $2,995,720.

Notables: Phil Hellmuth had an impressive showing, finishing in 29th place. Tom McEvoy 53rd, Jason Mercier of EPT fame in 63rd and TJ Clouthier in 101st. Our very own Chardiran, AKA Adrian Dresel-Velazquez, made a very impressive run all the way to this event’s final table.

The final table looked as follows:
Mike Carlson — 721,000
Jim Geary — 794,000
Scott Hall — 496,000
Brent Sheirbon — 630,000
Adrian Dresel-Velasquez — 826,000
Jonathan McGowan — 509,000
Anthony Harb — 1,537,000
Peter Rho — 1,465,000
Adam Adler — 1,066,000
Michael Dyer — 1,839,000
At level 23 at the start, which is $3,000 ante/$12,000-$24,000.

Mike Carlson was our bubble boy for the TV table going out in 10th, and getting $41,640 for his efforts. Carlson rased, and Peter Rho in the SB called. Rho then checked the 4AJ flop to Carlson, who shoved all-in for 742K chips. Rho called and tabled JJ. Calson showed K8 looking for help. The turn brought a 6, and river and A for no help and Carlson bubbled the TV FT, 9 handed.

Brent Sheirbon was the next man out. As play developed on the final table, with many all-ins, steals, resteals, but no eliminations, Sheribon somehow managed to not get involved in any of the bigger pots, choosing instead to lay back and let others wage their battles. His own would come to an end though, when he was down to 404K chips and openshoved 33. Tough timing though, because Anthony Harb picked up AA and called quickly. The board came 84Q27 sending Sheirbon home in 9th place with a $59,315 payday.

Micheal Dyer has been shoving all-in for quite some time now while picking up pots every time he did so. But eventually, his luck would run out, because he would shove all-in and meet Scott Hall’s AK while Dyer himself was holding A5.

The board showed 3T3TK and Dyer’s good fortune would run out, netting him $65,905 for an 8th place finish.

Scott Hall was the next player to leave our final table, dispatched by the cards of Peter Rho. Hall held AK while Rho tabled QQ; the classic pf race. The board would play out 43Q3T, and the best hand pf won, sending Hall home with $76,390 in cold hard cash for his 7th place finish.

Adrian Dresel-Velazquez, FTR’s own Chardrian, played one hell of a tournament. Unfortunately, he ran into cowboys early on this final table and took a big blow to his very healthy stack at the time. He never quite fully recovered from this blow, and he chose a spot to shove while being shortstacked. He got called by Adam Adler, who held TT, while Chardrian tabled QK. Chardrian did not improve, with the board being 64874, and was sent packing in 6th with a cool $92,867 for his efforts. GG Chardrian!

Next elimination was another preflop all-in. This time it was between Jonathan McGowan and Anthony Harb. After some curious preflop play, McGowan found himself with all his chips in the middle while holding QQ, but was very unlucky because Anthony Harb was also in the pot, and had him covered holding KK.

The board showed 7J7J5, and with no help Jonathan McGowan was sent home in 5th place with a cool $116,833 in cold hard cash as rewards for his efforts.

Adam Adler, who had been having a pretty kick-ass tournament so far, found himself on the short-end of the stick next when he doubled Jim Geary for a little under 600K chips, and then lost a big pot vs Anthony Harb of 1.6 Million Chips. Adam Adler then found himself in a 3-bet pf allin pot vs Anthony Harb, who covered him. Adler showed KQ while Harb showed AQ. The board offered no improvement to any of the players involved showing a 75837, and Adler got eliminated in 4th, taking home $161,768 for his efforts.

Three-handed, we had Anthony Harb with about 5M in chips, Peter Rho 3.2M, and Jim Geary with 1.2M. And it was this latter who next got eliminated, when after a break he shoved all-in the first hand he got and got called by Anthony Harb. Geary had A8 while Garb had AK, and the board played out 5J44T. Geary the shorty went home in 3rd place, with a very respectable $230,670 for 3 days of work.

HU Play took only about half an hour. At start of HU, the stacks were about even. But then, there was some fluctuation in the stacks with Peter Rho getting the worst of it. On to the last hand, on a flop+turn board of 98KJ, Peter Rho shoved only to get called by Anthony Harb who this time had him covered. Rho showed 98 for bottom 2 pair, while Harb showed QT for the made straight. The 4 on the river was of no help to Rho, who got eliminated in second place and went home with $350,019 in his pocket. Anthony Harb won the hand, bragging rights to have beaten among others Phil hellmuth, TJ Clouthier and even our own Adrian Dresel-Velazquez (Chardrian), the 2009 WSOP Event #11 bracelet and $569,199 in cold hard cash to help him celebrate. How cool is that?