In 2010, do not miss the chance to defend your national pride and proudly display your flag’s colors in the Everest Poker European Cup!

But on top of showing other nations who’s boss, there will also be a very juicy €100,000 guaranteed prize pool that you will be able to win your share of while you aide your country to return home triumphantly with the cup!

Until the end of February, you will be able to qualify to play in this great tournament for free! And all this greatness is, of course, courtesy of Everest Poker.

You can qualify for this great tournament either online or through live play. Each EPEC Live Finale package, worth €2,000 apiece, includes everything you might need to enjoy one crazy weekend in Southern Europe this May. What that means is that you get your seat, hotel stay and event activities, and about $425 credited to your Everest Poker account for travel expenses.

But wait, before you get your horse saddled, you should know that only the following 15 countries will be eligible for participation: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Each country will send a team of 15 players (call it the Top 15 if you will) to represent it. If your country is not listed don’t be saddened, as Everest Poker has other excellent tournaments that you will be able to participate in.

Qualifying for this tourney can be done either live or online. The online satellites are completely free for each country, meaning that, for example, Austrian players can only ever participate in the satellites especially designated for Austrian players. You know, like the Soccer World Cup. Once you place in an online satellite, you will be enrolled into a Direct Entry tournament. You can also buy-in directly into a Direct Entry tournament, using 100 Summit Points. Each week, Everest Poker will host 4 Direct Entry tourneys for each country. Please see the Everest Poker website for a complete rundown on the schedule of these events.

Once in the Direct Entry tournament, survive the field and get your seat. Easy peasy!

Everest will also be allowing players to qualify live, and will be hosting live tournaments in each of the countries that are eligible. You will have to keep your ear to the ground, like a Native-American Indian, to not let the opportunity pass by. Everest will be announcing the when and where for each country in its software, so be alert and you shall be rewarded!

Just one thing though: there are only 15 spots on each country’s team, so start your pursuit of the seat today!