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Every poker player should know that he or she can pick up valuable prizes from Aug. 29 to Oct. 2 with Mission Month at bet365 Poker. There are four missions to complete every day and two Weekly Missions running from Sunday to Sunday each week. Upon completing these missions, you’ll get rewards, like freeroll entries, cash game tickets and Premium Steps tickets. There’s more than €65,000 up from grabs!

Of course, you’ll need to have an account at bet365 Poker to participate. Learn more about this first-rate poker room by reading our bet365 Poker review page.


Daily Missions Schedule

The daily missions remain the same every day during a week, but they’ll change upon the beginning of the new week on Monday. The easiest daily missions will grant you entry to a €500 freeroll while the next mission up on the list will award you a ticket to a €1,000 freeroll. Try your luck with the next mission for a €2.50 Premium Steps ticket, and if you’re ready for a challenge, complete the hardest daily mission for a cash game ticket. The value of this cash game buyin will be either €5 or €10 depending on the week.

Weekly Missions Schedule

For the completion of the weekly missions, each week is considered as starting at 5:30 p.m. GMT on Sunday and running until 5:29 p.m. GMT the follow Sunday. The first week is an exception to this as it begins on a Monday at midnight. There are two distinct missions every week, but they each will reward you with a €3,000 freeroll entry.

What are the Missions Like?

The daily missions range in difficulty from “Win a cash game hand on a Premium Table” to “See the flop in 100 cash game hands on Premium Tables with stakes of at least €0.05/€0.10 or £0.05/£0.10.” In most cases, the more involved missions award more lucrative prizes while the simpler ones grant you freeroll entries.

For the weekly missions, you can earn the prize for one mission each week by depositing or transferring at least €20 to the poker room and playing 10 hands at Premium cash game tables. The conditions for the other mission change every week and involve winning a certain number of cash game hands, prevailing in Premium Steps tourneys or receiving certain hole cards.

In order to record your progress towards the completion of any mission, you must first opt in. Go to the Missions section of the poker software. Then choose your mission and press “Start.”


About the freerolls

All the freerolls involved in this promotion are “All-in” Shootouts, which means everyone is all-in every hand until the event concludes. This means that you don’t need to actually play; as long as you register in time, the tournaments will resolve themselves on their own.

The €500 freerolls occur every day at 6:00 p.m. GMT, and you can use up to two entries in a single freeroll. The prize pool consists of tournament tickets good for Premium Steps.

The €1,000 freerolls take place daily at 5:00 p.m. GMT, and you are permitted to enter up to 10 times. The prize pool awards tournament tickets.

The €3,000 freerolls will happen every Sunday during the promo period at 5:30 p.m. GMT. You can enter a maximum of two times for your opportunity to take home some of the tourney tickets that will be distributed.

Use up all your entries before the end of Sunday, Sept. 4, or else they will expire. Any tournament tickets or cash game tickets that you win will only be valid for a period of two months, so remember to take advantage of them in time.

About Cash Game Tickets

The cash game tickets that you may earn during the promotional period can be used to enter only ring games with the word “Premium” in the name. This is actually a pretty good deal because these special tables only contain bet365 players, who are mostly sports bettors, rather than savvy card sharks from the rest of the iPoker Network.

In order to receive any winnings from a cash game ticket, the value of the amount you’re leaving the table with must be greater than the original value of the ticket. Furthermore, you must earn out a certain number of Merit Points, corresponding to 15 times the amount of euros that the ticket is for.

Join bet365 Poker

Join bet365 and Get €100 Free

When you create a bet365 account and make your first deposit/transfer to the poker room, you’ll qualify for a 100% up to €100 bonus. Remember to enter the code FTR365 when making your account to take advantage of this bonus and any other opportunities that are exclusive to FlopTurnRiver members. Read more about how to earn out your bonus funds with our bet365 poker bonus code review.

You’ll also get €5 in free tournament tokens, 10 free spins on a casino game and the opportunity to get €5 more in tournament tokens by completing your Welcome Mission.

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