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Let’s face it – despite the efforts of many of the game’s top pros, online poker is still seen as something of a societal outcast. With this in mind, Bodog has decided to reach out to one of the most downtrodden figures in the world of professional sports.

According to a statement released by the company, Bodog has offer Tiger Woods a five year endorsement deal worth $100,000,000.

While he still has the lucrative Nike and Gillette contracts under his belt, Woods has taken a major hit from the loss of his Gatorade, Accenture, and AT&T sponsorships. This new offer from Bodog would comfortably fill the gaps in his income.

The most discussed point of the contract has quickly become the “no moral judgment clause”. This provision clearly states that the five year deal will be “honoured without condition on the player’s moral conduct. With divorce an increasingly likely outcome and speculation about a multitude of other ‘sins’, BodogBrand feel they are the only ones who can extend a deal that will be totally unaffected by any non-golf related activity but in fact actively encourages endorsees, employees and customers alike to ‘Play Hard.’”

In the statement, Bodog also clearly states their position on performance enhancing drugs:

Surely ALL medicine is ‘performance enhancing’ – that’s what medicine is for! Every single drug be it for a headache, sexual performance, legal ‘hyperbaric chambers’ regularly used by athletes, or indeed laser eye surgery. Woods has had corrective surgery to improve his vision which he freely admits helps his game, similarly Mark McGwire uses contact lenses and there can be no doubt that vision is all important in baseball and, therefore, should it not be illegal?”

This is not the first time there have been talks between the two parties. Woods has previously turned down Bodog’s initial 5 year, $75m proposal. Ever committed to signing their man, Bodog has upped the ante.

With so much money on the table, one wonders if Tiger may actually be considering signing on with the internet gaming giant. So, what do you think? Will this wind up as one of the best signings in Bodog history, or as a gigantic free agent flop?