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Welcome to another Bodog Leaderboard update. Last week we announced the monthly leaderboard winners for July, and so this week we will start fresh and I will tell you about the current leaders for August. If you want to see what we’re playing for, please click here for the first Bodog Leaderboard article ever written. If you want to see complete standings for the leaderboards from today, please click here.

First of all, here are the weekly leaderboard winners from last week:

1. mr_dynomite – 2155 pts
2. Killa_Tyven – 1956 pts
3. cusee – 1724 pts

If you remember the standings when I wrote this article last week, you’ll see that mr_dynomite was able to hang on to his spot in first place and win the chance to play a Bodog pro for $1,000. This is his second weekly leaderboard win in the last six weeks. ParliGod fell out of second place and ended up in fifth when it was all said and done. Killa_Tyven took ParliGod’s place in second, and cusee moved up seven places from last week to take third place.

Here are the current weekly standings:

1. vinnyb9 – 1835 pts
2. deadmoney627 – 1488 pts
3. king silas – 1482 pts
4. Killa_Tyven – 1346 pts
5. thatsNice – 1323 pts
6. manderbutt – 1290 pts
7. grewsum2sum – 1047 pts
8. ParliGod – 946 pts
9. whatever877 – 899 pts
10. rm81 – 883 pts

vinnyb9 sits in first place with 1835 points, a healthy 347 points ahead of second place deadmoney627. vinnyb9 has been in the top ten quite a few times since I started writing about the Bodog Leaderboards, but he hasn’t won for the week or for the month yet. Perhaps he will win it all for this week! There’s a bunch more familiar names up there in that list. As you read earlier, Killa_Tyven came second last week – perhaps he will up the ante this week and place in first by the time it’s all said and done? thatsNice is another name I see all the time in these standings, but he hasn’t won anything since I started writing these updates. ParliGod is sitting in eighth place this week, and he HAS won a weekly leaderboard before. Let’s see if he makes a late run this week to break into the top three!

Let’s talk about the monthly leaderboard, now. August just started, and so we have an entirely new group of people at the top of the monthly standings. Here is the current top ten:

1. vinnyb9 – 2728 pts
2. Killa_Tyven – 1929 pts
3. Panicked – 1835 pts
4. deadmoney627 – 1814 pts
5. grewsum2sum – 1681 pts
6. whatever877 – 1589 pts
7. manderbutt – 1572 pts
8. thatsNice – 1572 pts
9. ParliGod – 1563 pts
10. The Destroyer – 1544 pts

It’s not surprising at all to see vinnyb9 up there at the top considering he’s also at the top of the weekly leaderboard. We already talked about Killa_Tyven, who is in second place, and Panicked is in third place for the month so far. Since it’s merely a week into the month, it makes sense that the players on the weekly leaderboard are also showing up on the August leaderboard. It will take a couple more weeks for us to have a really good idea of who might win it all for this month.

Thank you, as always, for reading the Bodog Leaderboard update. Be sure to visit the Bodog network page by clicking this link: It will give you updated standings for every day of the month (if you can’t wait until next Friday for my next update!). See you next week!