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Welcome to this week’s version of the Bodog leaderboard report. We’ll find out who won last week’s weekly leaderboard, who’s winning the weekly race for this week so far, and who’s at the top of the July leaderboard after 11 days. To see where I will get my data for today, please click here. If you want to visit the Bodog network page, here is where you should go: To visit the first ever Bodog leaderboard post, please click here.

Here were the top three for last week’s leaderboard when it was all said and done:

1. CK3 – 1768 pts
2. dukedaddie – 1751 pts
3. rstewart13aggie – 1677 pts

Congratulations to CK3. For taking first place for the week, he will win the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000. When I wrote my article last week, dukedaddie was in first place with 1393 points, and he kept his first place spot for two more days before CK3 was able to pass him at the very last minute. It was very close – they were only separated by 17 points, which is very few on the Bodog leaderboards. CK3 is a new name to me where the leaderboards are concerned. In the last 30 days, he’s been in the top 10 eight times for the weekly leaderboard. He’s been in the top 10 for the monthly leaderboard only once in the last 30 days.

Here are the standings for the current week:

1. alienface – 1679 pts
2. ParliGod – 1480 pts
3. cream420 – 1370 pts
4. nevertilt22 – 1227 pts
5. illshiz – 1122 pts
6. MyManKK – 1065 pts
7. Mr__Blonde – 987 pts
8. gotzballz – 863 pts
9. rstewart13aggie – 854 pts
10. The Nation07 – 830 pts

There’s alienface – what a surprise! If you read my article last week, you’ll know that I mentioned that alienface hadn’t done anything in the month of July, yet (at the time, it was only 4 days in). It’s a week leader, and alienface is right back at the top of the weekly leaderboard. For the people who like numbers, he’s been in the top ten 20 times in the last 30 days. Every time I look at this guy’s stats, I’m just amazed. He must make a lot of money playing tournaments on Bodog! I should stop gushing about alienface, though, because there are several other ‘regulars’ in the top ten this week. ParliGod hasn’t won recently, but he’s been in the top ten quite a bit recently and is in 2nd place this week. nevertilt22 has been hanging around the top ten quite a bit lately, too, and there’s Mr__Blonde again as well. Mr__Blonde won the very first week I reported on when I first started writing these Bodog articles back in April (and so yes, he has a special place in my heart).

Now that we’re over a week into July, the monthly standings will be a bit more interesting. Here is the top ten so far:

1. cream420 – 2988 pts
2. ParliGod – 2750 pts
3. rstewart13aggie – 2698 pts
4. alienface – 2569 pts
5. dubhead – 2542 pts
6. kq – 2270 pts
7. TheMicrowave – 2262 pts
8. andyvanslyke – 2225 pts
9. hahaustink – 2196 pts
10. jackieboy – 2196 pts

So last week I mentioned that it was too early at the time to make any speculations, and the big shift involving first place in the standings over just a week prove my point! The person in first place last week, dukedaddie, has fallen out of the top ten completely. A quick search finds him in 15th place. He increased his point total by 700 points since last week, but it just wasn’t enough. The guy in first place today, cream420, made the opposite jump; he went from 14th place last Friday to first place today! ParliGod managed to stay in the top 10, moving up from 4th last week to 2nd this week. rstewart13aggie stood his ground in 3rd place after a week. There’s alienface in 4th place, moving from not even in the top 150 to the top 5 in just one week. dubhead, in 5th place now, moved up 2 spots from 7th. kq was in 6th place last week and finds himself in the same place today. The two players returning from the top ten from last week that actually dropped spots are andyvanslyke (5th last week, 8th place today) and jackieboy (2nd last week, 10th this week).

I think I have too much fun writing this article! It’s interesting to follow the successful players and see how they do on the weekly basis. Plus I am developing a crush on alienface 😉 Thanks for reading and see you next week!