Welcome to July and the start of a new monthly leaderboard. Bodog crowned its June 2008 monthly leaderboard winner just a few days ago, and now we have new standings with new players racing to win the prizes for July. To see what’s at stake, please click here. To see who won it all for June, keep reading!

Since the top 30 on the monthly leaderboards win prizes, here are the top 30 when it was all said and done:

1. alienface – 4459 pts
2. alcarmo – 4080 pts
3. mr_dynomite – 3996 pts
4. WillyNilly – 3754 pts
5. robodonkey – 3585 pts
6. gotzballz – 3490 pts
7. nymike03 – 3391 pts
8. TakeEmOut – 3310 pts
9. Lukasz – 3268 pts
10. nevertilt22 – 3192 pts
11. StraightNutz – 3167 pts
12. TheMicrowave – 3156 pts
13. Yetti Man – 3139 pts
14. ParliGod – 3138 pts
15. kq – 3128 pts
16. andyvanslyke – 3061 pts
17. The Nation07 – 3035 pts
18. CK3 – 2979 pts
19. AirWesley5 – 2948 pts
20. Mr__Blonde – 2914 pts
21. nikopolidis – 2913 pts
22. Texas Tokem – 2904 pts
23. OGHowie – 2887 pts
24. dukedaddie – 2885 pts
25 tweeter – 2874 pts
26 Hiram – 2867 pts
27 RonnDough – 2866 pts
28 whatever877 – 2861 pts
29 digitalballs – 2818 pts
30 cream420 – 2800 pts

Huge congratulations to alienface, who absolutely dominated the monthly leaderboard for June. Out of the 30 days in June, he was in 1st place for 22 of those days – that is amazing! When he took 1st place back on June 14th, that was it; he kept his spot for the rest of the month. I know that last week and the week before I mentioned he had a huge lead, and I also mentioned that it was uncommon for a player to have such a large lead over 2nd place. His lead obviously did well to keep him at the top, and he had little competition at all this month on the monthly leaderboard.

Congratulations to the rest of June’s winners, as well. alcarmo kept his 2nd place spot, slightly increasing his point total before the month ended. WillyNilly was in 3rd place last time I wrote but he slipped one spot to 4th place, replaced by mr_dynomite who travelled up 3 spots from 7th place. Both robodonkey and nymike03 dropped spots, from 4th to 5th and 5th to 7th respectively. gotzballz, Lukasz, and nevertilt22 all had a good few last days of June, moving into the top ten when last week, they were on the outside looking in.

Last week there was also a weekly leaderboard, so let’s see who the winners were for that:

1. mr_dynomite – 2224 pts
2. gotzballz – 1905 pts
3. Lukasz – 1554 pts

For his 1st place efforts, mr_dynomite won the chance to play a Bodog pro heads-up for $1,000. His good week also explains his run up the June leaderboard (where he finished in 3rd place). The same can be said for both gotzballz and Lucasz – both of these players were out of the top ten for June last Friday, but they had good weeks and snuck into the top ten at the last minute.

Here are the new standings for the weekly leaderboard:

1. dukedaddie – 1393 pts
2. Balla686 – 1188 pts
3. CK3 – 1071 pts
4. rstewart13aggie – 1054 pts
5. jackieboy – 1031 pts
6. ParliGod – 1017 pts
7. dubhead – 1012 pts
8. nevertilt22 – 929 pts
9. kq – 928 pts
10. andyvanslyke – 907 pts

dukedaddie has been in the top ten for both leaderboards for quite a few days in the last couple of weeks, but he hasn’t been high enough in the standings to make me really notice him until now. He has a 205 point lead over 2nd place Balla686 – let’s see if he can hold on to it. Balla686 is an unfamiliar name to me. He’s only been in the top ten for either leaderboard a couple days the last 30 days or so. We’ll see whether or not he can keep his top 3 spot. Some familiar names in that list are ParliGod, nevertilt22, kq, and andyvanslyke.

Here are the new monthly leaderboard standings for July:

1. dukedaddie – 1273 pts
2. jackieboy – 1117 pts
3. rstewart13aggie – 1055 pts
4. ParliGod – 915 pts
5. andyvanslyke – 908 pts
6. kq – 894 pts
7. dubhead – 874 pts
8. TexasIceman – 805 pts
9. Boswan – 776 pts
10. UppyTime – 753 pts

There’s dukedaddie at the top with a narrow lead over 2nd place jackieboy. This is the first time I’ve seen jackieboy’s name at the top of the Bodog leaderboards – we’ll see whether it’s a temporary thing or whether he’s going to stick around for a while. Same goes for rstewart13aggie – this is the first time he’s been in the top ten for the monthly leaderboard in at least a month. It’s really too early to make any speculations about the July leaderboard right now, but it’s fun to take a look anyway. The usual Bodog tournament juggernauts (StraightNutz and alienface, for example) are nowhere to be found in the current standings. In fact, neither of the above two ‘juggernaut’ names are in the top 150 for the month so far. We’ll see if they turn up later on in July.

To see the Bodog data from today, please click here. To visit the Bodog network page, click this link: https://flopturnriver.com/#Bodog-Poker-Network.php. Thanks for reading and see you next week!