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March has come and gone, and Bodog has crowned its winners for the month! If you would like to view my first post explaining how the Bodog Poker Leaderboard works, including a breakdown of the prizes and payouts, please click here for complete details.

The end of March came quickly, and over 100 of Bodogs best members played the full 25 tournaments to qualify. To see the final tallies and points for the month of March, checkout the stats for the March 31st Bodog-Poker-Calendar. This shows the entire points earned for everyone on the leaderboard for the month of March. If you would rather navigate through any of the other days and weeks of March, checkout the Bodog-Poker Network Page.

If you noticed in my last post, I mentioned a player who seemed to have it locked in. On March 29th rusostreet was in the lead with 4657 points. So with only 2 days left did he hold on to his lead? Well, not only did he hold on, he even improved on his already impressive point total! The Bodog player rusostreet finished on top of the leaderboard in the month of March! Congratulations to him, and here are the top 20 players who earned prizes for finishing in their respective positions:

Rank Name Points – Prize
1 rusostreet 4863.00 – Monthly TLB Winners’ Players Choice Freeroll Entry!
2 punisher2802 4431.00 – 540 $Tournament Credits
3 head2782 4096.00 – 380 $TC
4 toddc 3691.00 – 380 $TC
5 EddieOB 3669.00 – 380 $TC
6 Sweet Cakes 3578.00 – 110 $TC
7 StraightNutz 3577.00 – 110 $TC
8 Dannenmann 3573.00 – 110 $TC
9 thatsNice 3552.00 – 110 $TC
10 daisyxoxo 3538.00 – 110 $TC
11 fitzfitz 3505.00 – 50 $TC
12 OGHowie 3498.00 – 50 $TC
13 RezinLife 3486.00 – 50 $TC
14 The GiantKiller 3409.00 – 50 $TC
15 alcarmo 3355.00 – 50 $TC
16 papadelpoker 3276.00 – 50 $TC
17 PerfectLEE 3261.00 – 50 $TC
18 atakdog 3239.00 – 50 $TC
19 MOGREEN54 3188.00 – 50 $TC
20 whatever877 3169.00 – 50 $TC

Places 21 – 30 also won 25 Tournament Credits. Looking at the top 20 you could see there were a few people who really gave it their all at the end of the month. Players like vinnyb9 who took 16th moved up 24 spots from the previous week with an impressive end to the month. Also, 7th place finisher daisyxoxo jumped up 10 to secure her top 10 finish, along with 4th place Dannenmann who rose 8 places. However, all eyes are on rusostreet who played and ran the best for the month of March. With his win he earns a seat in the special TLB freeroll, where he could potentially win a $12,000 Players Choice package! He didn’t just sit on his lead either, because he earned an additional 200+ points with just 2 days remaining. You could tell he really wanted the win and congratulations to him and everyone who placed in the top 30, earning a bonus on the Bodog MTT Leaderboard.

Also this is the first month I have documented, it will be very interesting to see who can become consistent overall. In MTTs, unknowns can shine in any tournament or day. If it is just their day to win, they will win. But to be on the monthly leaderboard, you need consistency. Let’s see if rusostreet can return in April to continue his dominance at Bodog!

Stay tuned next Wednesday (and every Wednesday thereafter) to see who is in the lead so far in April. In addition to checking on the monthly leaders, I will start documenting who won the weekly race. The monthly leaderboard is definitely more of an accomplishment, but there is no shunning of anyone who sits atop for the week! Do your best and play your heart out this week at Bodog so FTR can be talking about YOU next week!