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Last week, Bovada began blocking anyone from the states of Maryland, New York, Utah and Washington from creating a new account on their site. It has been said that Bovada will soon also start blocking existing customers from Maryland. Bovada is the rebranded name that Bodog recently adopted for use in the USA player market.

As of yet, no official Bovada statement has been made regarding these changes. Three of the affected states (New York, Utah and Washington) currently have specific laws against online gambling and/or have a long history of not allowing their residents to gamble at all. It has also been suggested that there is a particular reason why Maryland is on this list- It is the state in which Bodog founder Calvin Ayre was indicted on money laundering and illegal gambling charges a couple weeks ago.

For now, existing players residing in the affected states can continue to play on Bovada. But as we have just seen, that could change with little or even no notice.