In an article printed in Capital Weekly a bill is being looked at that could possibly circumvent the federal ban laws and provide regulated online poker to California residents.

It was stated that the federal laws seem to leave states the ability to legalize internet gambling as long as all participating (host and player) are located within the state. What this bill hopes to accomplish is a study to discover whether this is a legitimate claim.

This is a pretty interesting situation and could create some new poker opportunities in the United States not thought possible when the idea of a ban came up originally. Some of us might sleep a little better knowing this possibility is being explored in earnest now.

What they hope to accomplish is a situation where states determine what exactly online gambling is while making the decision to permit or deny it from happening. Regulation is the key here in the long run and do remember, these gambling sites would have to be located in-state and used by in-state players only.

So let us hope that this is a reasonable solution to the issue of online gambling in the United States. If a national ban goes into effect there might still be some legal opportunities to play given a little bit of work and time. I’m personally really looking forward to the results of this proposed study. Let’s hope it makes some headway in California!