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Ultimate Bet is featuring a heads up match against poker great Phil Hellmuth. With 30k on the line, who doesn’t want to give a crack at a well known player for such an excellent payoff? Ultimate Bet is a follow-up to nine months of heads up battles set up in varying brackets over on their site.

With increasing popularity from their first heads up tournament in 2007 UB upped the stakes this year bringing the final prize up to a solid 30k. Four players are left, The-Captiann, Butternutts, Redbull77 and Fkthisup2. On Saturday the four that are left will participate in a grueling heads up match to see who in fact is the best, allowing them to take their guns out and aim for Hellmuth on Sunday April 13th. If they end up with a tie after two matches a final match will take place April 16th at 7pm. If they managed to usurp Hellmuth then 30k is going to be comfortably sitting in their pockets.

I think it’s great that we’re getting opportunities like this to battle it out with well known poker greats. It gives you some incentive to do well other then the cash. Poker is supposed to be fun, and I don’t think a huge match like this can get much more exciting in the fun department.

So take a look here this weekend both Saturday and Sunday to see who ends up trumping, or not trumping Hellmuth. It should be a really exciting heads up match no matter who wins and I am excited to see where it goes!