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As I reported a few days back the World Series of Poker is still hanging out in New Jersey. But, finally there is a conclusion to the largest championship field in the WSOP circuit. The winner received $431,136 for their efforts!

With a $4900 buy-in and a grueling three day tournament we finally see some completion and get a little closure after the results of days one and two. Dan Hicks, the leader after day one, stuck around as some predicted taking down 2nd place. The winner turned out to be Eric “Sheets” Haber who took home a solid $431,136.

The last 3 places were the most interesting of the night. Blinds were enormous and the ante took a solid chunk of change with every hand at $5,000. Bastra went out against Haber with A-7 losing to A-6 which yielded our two top players of the tournament.

The final hand of the tournament was Haber with JJ and Hicks with 10-9. Haber raised $180,000 pre-flop. As the cards turned it yielded J 9 5 giving Haber top pair and the win. This gives him a guarantee at the WSOP main event, a voucher for $11,000. That’s nothing to shake a stick at, even on top of his sizable winnings for the tournament.

Here are the final table results:

1st Eric “Sheets” Haber Syosset, LI (New York) $431,136 (plus $WSOP main event entry)
2nd Dan Hicks Tampa, FL 237,124
3rd Sumeet Batra Lubbock, TX 121,257
4th Soheil Shamseddin Houston, TX 94,311
5th Steven Greenberg Flanders, NY 80,838
6th Nick Binger Las Vegas, NV 67,365
7th Scott Blackman Rochester, NY 53,892
8th Steven Merrifield Fairmont, WV 40,419
9th Marc “Clark Kent” Morris Woolrich Township, NJ 26,946
Overall we had a pretty exciting event with Dan Hicks still sticking with it until the end after his sizable chip count at the end of day one. Much kudos to Hicks for holding onto his chips until the final table, a feat considered easier said then done in many circumstances. I give congratulations to Eric Haber for coming through with a solid win when this tournament was complete. Keep your eyes open for more WSOP circuits and if you hope to secure a seat at the main event go out and give it a shot yourself!