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Who hasn’t wanted to host their own poker tournament from time to time? With the space required to do such a thing as well as distance amidst friends being prominent it wasn’t always such an easy task. That’s changed now with CryptoLogic releasing an exciting new feature in their online poker software. It’s the ability to create and host your own tournaments via their software-online! Now it’s as easy as a couple clicks to get everyone together for some online poker fun and there’s no mess afterwards to clean up from having twelve people in your one bedroom apartment!

“For CryptoLogic, everything starts with the customer experience – and today we introduce a tool that will let players take their poker game to a whole new level,” said Brian Hadfield, CryptoLogic president and CEO.

Another feature that CryptoLogic has implemented into their software is a more adept sorting system for their room listings. Gone are the days of pouring though lengthy lists with no resemblance to anything understandable. With some key filters and a creative touch to the interface they have made it easier and faster to get into a game and start playing poker. Playing poker is what it’s all about, so stumbling though the interface proves to be a nuisance most can do without.

“It’s about putting poker in the hands of players, and letting great entertainment happen – faster.”

Clearly this new tournament feature coupled with an easy sorting system puts CryptoLogic into a new realm of online poker websites. The ability to have private tournaments online is innovative and will likely catch on with other sites as time passes. The old college crew can get together and play just like old times, even once everybody has long since graduated. The opportunities for something like this are ranged widely and time will only tell what other interesting features will come out of the woodwork in the near future.