Last Saturday night David Chiu made one of the biggest comebacks in the WPT ever before. With a chip deficit of over $18 million he came back with a bang to win the WPT Championship. He was placed up against Gus Hansen who had knocked out the first four final table participants in a mere 72 minutes.

Two hours and 31 minutes later he finally took the cake and won it all. He said that he wasn’t going to throw it all away on one hand and apparently his patience won out in the end! Hansen still came away with a pretty penny at $1,714,800. Not bad for second place! Chiu made away with $3,389,140 courtesy of the WPT, which isn’t anything to laugh about either.

Keep looking for these guys in the coming months. If you’re watching the WPT on TV you know who’s going to do something interesting as it takes more than luck to sit down and beat these kinds of players!