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Despite the rumors of impending payouts, the US Department of Justice has denied the thawing out of Full Tilt Poker’s bank accounts.

This news comes contrary to the reporting of eGaming Review Magazine, who initially wrote that the DOJ had “unfrozen one Irish account belonging to Full Tilt Poker (FTP) and its co-founder Raymond Bitar, freeing up more than a third of the US$100m to $150m still owed to US players.”

The magazine has recently posted an update to their article, delving further into the issue. As of now, Full Tilt insists that the funds have been unfrozen, while the DOJ continues to claim that no such action has been taken. The statement from their source reads as follows:

“The bank was not one of those subject to the Department of Justice freezing order, but the DOJ did need to call the Bank of Ireland to get it unfrozen… After Black Friday, the bank took it upon itself to freeze the account, and in order to convince them to reopen it we needed to go through the DOJ.”

Again, this could all be a convoluted case of smoke and mirrors. With their company currently mired in a legal quibble with the the world’s highest-profile poker player, Phil Ivey, this added financial confusion is only hurting the public image. Legions of longtime users are still waiting for a chance to withdraw their funds, almost two months after the actions of Black Friday.

In an expected show of stoicism, the Bank of Ireland has refused to comment on the matter.