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The durrrr challenge saw some action at the tables with a small session on 20th that logged 693 hands and Patrik Antonius extended his lead to $424,631 Here’s a few hands  from that session.

The first pot to break the 100k mark didn’t come long after the session started. Dwan opened to $1,200, Antonius 3bet to $3,600 and Durrr repopped to $10,800. Antonius called and both players were to check a Jd7h3c flop. The turn came Th and Antonius bet $21,000 Dwan shoved for $39,399 and Antonius made the cal. Dwan showed KhQdTd8h for middle paid and the two draws. Antonius had AcKdQc4h for the same straight draw and a couple of overs. 8c fell on the river and Dwan scooped the first big pot of the session.

A couple of minutes later another big pot amassed when they both got it in on a KhTs4d3d board. Antonius had AsTc8s3c for two pair and Dwan showed AdQdQs5d for a flush draw and a gutshot. The river fell 6d and Dwan got the lucky runner runner. But Antonius was to get his own back with a bit of luck in the following hand. Dwan opened for $1,200 and Antonius called. The board came 9s5s4c and Antonius led $2,400, Dwan elected just to call. The 3h came on the turn and Antonius double barreled $6,000, Dwan again called and the river fell Ts. Anonius checked it this time and Dwan tried to take the pot with a $15,600 bet. Antonius check/raised all-in to $64,192 and Antonius showed AsJs8h3c for the nut flush.

Dwan was to finish the session $33,000 down.

With the WSOP starting in a few days it’s unlikely there’ll be much action as they’ll both be playing quite a few events and taking part in some of the live cash games.