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Tom Dwan, known online as Durrrr, has been pretty prominent in the first two episodes of High Stakes Poker’s 5th season.  Although it’s hard to know exactly how each player is doing because only a select number of hands are shown, Dwan seems to be right at home among some of the best high stakes players in the world.

GSN made it clear that at least some of the action would revolve around Dwan when they released this video before the season’s premier show aired.  However, the hand that seems to have spurred the most discussion thus far took place at the end of the the second episode.  It was the very last hand shown and interesting in a number of different ways.

Barry Greenstein is UTG and raises to $2,500 with AA.  Unfortunately for him, he gets 7 callers behind him.  The flop comes 2T2 and Peter Eastgate, in the small blind with 42, decides to check.  Doyle Brunson checks from the big blind and Barry bets $10,000 into the $21,600 pot.  Dwan is right behind Barry with QT of clubs and makes a raise to $37,300.  The rest of the table quickly folds to Eastgate, who just calls, and Greenstein, who calls as well.

The turn brings the 7 of diamonds.  Eastgate and Greenstein both check fairly quickly to Dwan, who takes some time to consider his options.  The pot is now $133,500 and Dwan decides to toss $104,200 into the pot.  This obviously puts Eastgate to a tough decision, even with trips.  Dwan could easily have a better kicker or a boat, and he is essentially putting Eastgate to a decision for his stack of about half a million dollars.  Eastgate decides to fold the best hand and Greenstein also folds after some thought.

What made the play even more impressive was that right after Greenstein laid down the hand Eli Elezra remarked that Barry folded the best hand.  Immediately, Dwan disagreed, saying that Peter folded the best hand.  He even offered to make a side-bet that Eastgate had the best hand, which Doyle Brunson quickly accepted.

That is how the second episode ended.  Durrrr makes an aggressive, if not questionable play, and quickly shows that he belongs in the live high stakes game by pointing out, correctly, who had the best hand in a large pot he won by bluffing.