This is a starting post to basically give a background to my poker life, philosophy and goals for the future beginning in 2008.

Having been around cards for 1/2 my life, it actually took me a long time to truly get into poker. I was a typical fish, having instincts and a knack for being a serious loose-aggressive player. However when you are just starting out it’s not a good idea to use the wife’s bankroll as a way of “learning life’s lessons”. My ups and downs hit me hard, going from $5 to $300 and back again within days sent me completely on tilt and I took a leave of absence from poker for almost a year. Now I’m back and I plan to be a lot more disciplined – well, as much as possible.

So now I’m using Party freebies as a way of building up a BR totally created and run by poker. This means working from 1,000s of players just to reach the money starting at a few cents but this will teach me the patience of grinding. I’ve decided to focus on making sure to always get ITM, building my patience and skills so that I can pretty much make the final table. It’ll take some time to build up the BR to what I need to move over to cash tables, but it’s something I feel is the right way for me to go about things. I’m looking to go from $0 to $50 within a maximum of two months using the freerolls. If I don’t make it by then I need a lot more work to my game.