FlopTurnRiver.com Enhances its Free Online Poker Hand History Converter by Adding Full Tilt Poker Hand History Compatibility

FlopTurnRiver.com, home of the FTR Hand History Converter, the most popular online converter tool for reading, interpreting, and outputting easy-to-read poker hand histories, has just added Full Tilt Poker compatibility.

FlopTurnRiver.com (FTR), one of the premiere online destinations for free poker advice, reviews, and poker tools, continues to build on its varied list of free features with the addition of Full Tilt Poker to the list of compatible poker rooms for the very popular FTR Hand History Converter.

FlopTurnRiver.com, one of the fastest growing online poker communities with over 12,000 registered members and over 500,000 poker forum articles, highly encourages its members to use the FTR Hand History Converter when illustrating specific poker hands to review and discuss. As a strategy and discussion website, hands from tournaments or ring games are often posted in the forums for advice and feedback. Using the FTR Hand History Converter helps encourage these discussions.

The FTR Hand History Converter accepts the raw online poker room hand histories as input, and then outputs a friendly, easy-to-read version with graphics, all ready to cut and paste into discussion forums across the internet for analysis and discussion. The friendly output makes it easy to understand the action and events of a particular poker hand, and therefore, attract more participation for feedback. The FTR Hand History Converter is widely utilized by the most popular poker forums on the Internet, including the FTR Poker Forum – https://www.flopturnriver.com/pokerforum/. The FTR Hand History Converter has converted over 110,000 online poker hands for viewing and discussion.

Full Tilt Poker’s popularity has had a meteoric rise over the past year. You can read FTR’s full review of Full Tilt Poker, along with ratings and reviews from visitors and members at Bovada Poker. Because of Full Tilt’s massive growth and emergence as one of the top online poker rooms, FTR has added Full Tilt compatibility to its FTR Hand History Converter.

The FTR Hand History Converter is compatible with Absolute Poker, Empire Poker, Paradise Poker, Party Poker, PokerRoom.com, PokerStars, Ultimate Bet, and Full Tilt Poker.

With the launch of Full Tilt Poker compatibility, the FTR Hand History Converter further strengthens its position as the top online poker hand converter on the Internet.

FlopTurnRiver.com offers the use of the FTR Hand History Converter for absolutely free. It can be checked out at https://flopturnriver.com/hand-converter/.

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