Select Page has announced the launch of their newest poker tool, the FTR Poker Hand Odds Calculator.  This calculator is actually a complete overhaul of their previous odds calculator, but since virtually everything has been re-done, it’s more like a totally new tool.

Serious poker players know the importance of studying the game and analyzing the math involved in decision making.   The FTR Poker Odds Calculator can help in this analysis, as it will give the exact odds of winning a given hand involving anywhere from 2 to 10 players.  The graphical interface makes it simple to choose hole cards as well as all other community cards and even dead cards.

Most people, while they are dissecting their game, will want to discuss hands with friends or post them in forums to get the opinion of other players.  The FTR Poker Odds Calculator makes this process very simple, as it will convert any hands you calculate into a wide range of outputs.  You can choose anything from blog format to HTML code to various poker forum formats, including 2 + 2, Cardrunners, and of course, FlopTurnRiver, plus many others.

Another great feature of the new Odds Calculator is that it calculates more than just Texas Hold’em odds.  The folks at FTR realize that players are trying other games nowadays, for a number of reasons.  Not the least of which is that there are not a lot of tools to help players get better at these other games.  Now you can get a jump on your opponents by learning the odds in any imaginable situation.  Games supported by the FTR Hand Converter include Texas Hold’em, Omaha,  7 Card Stud, and Razz.  This also includes all of the Hi/Low 8 or Better Split games, too.

To try out the tool for yourself, or for more information, check the Poker Hand Odds Calculator page at