The Full Tilt Online Poker Series XXI continued today with a whopping three events. All three events continued the streak of prize pools surpassing the Full Tilt guaranteed amount.

Event #19 was a Pot-Limit Omaha High/Low, Knockout, Super Stack tournament with a buy-in of $256 and a guaranteed prize pool of $75,000. The event drew 460 players, creating a regular prize pool of $92,000, plus another $18,400 worth of bounties. With split pots so prevalent in Omaha high/low, knocking out players for their bounties is much harder than it is in No Limit Holdem. Regardless, after 9.5 hours, Bill Gazes and BredaBreda ended up chopping with roughly equal stacks.

FTOPS XXI – Results for Event #19 – PL Omaha H/L, Knockout, Super Stack

Players: 460
Buy-In: $240+$16
Prize Pool Guarantee: $75,000
Prize Pool: $92,000
Bounty Prize Pool: $18,400

* denotes a deal-altered payout

1 Bill Gazes $19,157*
2 BredaBreda $18,102*
3 DoktorGre $10,580
4 Giffordonian $8,280
5 PREDADOR-88 $6,210
6 Upeshka $4,600
7 tmi2891 $2,990
8 THE_WIZARD49 $2,300
9 eckrem $1,840

With a buy-in of $1,060, event number 20 is the highest buy-in of FTOPS XXI other than the $2,100 two-day event. This NL Holdem, 6max, Double Chance (one free rebuy or add-on equal to the starting stack size) tournament ended up nearly doubling the guaranteed prize pool amount. It lasted nearly 10 hours, at which point the remaining thee players made a deal which gave the player named ambiguosity the largest piece of the prize pool: $73,559. Congratulations!


FTOPS XXI – Results for Event #20 – NL Holdem 6-max Double Chance

Players: 387
Buy-In: $1,000+$60
Prize Pool Guarantee: $200,000
Prize Pool: $387,000
* denotes a deal-altered payout

1 ambiguosity $73,559*
2 Ramus $64,510*
3 IITTII $55,817*
4 vvirtue $31,347
5 T3G3S $22,059
6 blony_tair $14,706

All three of today’s FTOPS XXI tournaments ended with a deal. Event #21, a $216 buy in No Limit Holdem Turbo shattered the guaranteed prize pool amount by over 200%. 827 players participated for the brief 3 hour affair, at which point the final two players found themselves with virtually identical stack sizes.
Congratulations to hteraaj2001 and Tiltn_Mafks who opted to share the spotlight! A chop ended up giving hteraaj2001 the top prize of $28,564, while Tiltn_Mafks walked away with just a few dollars less, $28,499.


FTOPS XXI – Results for Event #21 – NL Holdem Turbo

Players: 827
Buy-In: $200+16
Prize Pool Guarantee: $50,000
Prize Pool: $165,000

* denotes a deal-altered payout

1 hteraaj2001 $28,564*
2 Tiltn+Mafks $28,499*
3 jervis333 $17,384
4 9 to Five $13,232
5 madalain $9,593
6 Stacy99 $6,871
7 Romeopro33 $4,962
8 SoFrischSoGut $3,804
9 charly3005 $2,812

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