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Full Tilt Poker has added two great new features to its monthly Iron Man Challenge – Iron Man Plus and the One-A-Day Freeroll.  Now those who hit the tables with dedication and determination each day can receive even greater rewards for their efforts.

Iron Man Plus is for the avid players that aim for more than 200 points per day.  With just the original promotion in place, a player earning 200 points per day for 25 days out of the month acquires the status of Iron Man.  Now, if you earn a minimum of 500 points per day, while qualifying for an Iron Man Challenge level, you will be awarded extra Iron Man medals.  Iron Man medals can be used at the exclusive Iron Man Store.

If 500 points are earned, 2 Iron Man medals are earned.  1,000 points is another 3 medals.  If you are really ambitious, 1,500 will earn you an additional 5 medals and 2,000 points equals another 10 medals.   Then, for every additional 1,000 Full Tilt Points, another 10 medals will be awarded.

The One-A-Day Freeroll awards the player that earns at least one Full Tilt Point per day, for the entire month.  If at least the one required point is earned for each of the days, the player gains entry into an exclusive $2K freeroll or can exchange the freeroll for 15 Iron Man medals.

If you don’t already have an account with Full Tilt, get started today by clicking on any of the links on this page.  Full Tilt has a great number of promotions going on in addition to the Iron Man Challenge, so now is a great time to get your account started and your bankroll rolling!