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The amazing Full Tilt Online Poker Series is once again back, as Full Tilt Poker is pulling out all the stops, packing in twenty-four events in just twelve days of play. Full Tilt continues to push the envelope every FTOPS series, as they continue to add new events, exciting variations to these events, and continue to pay out millions during each series. We are up to FTOPS VIII now, as they continue to come roughly every three months. As I write this, Events 6 and 7 are underway, with over $800k being paid out today.

One of the most interesting events in the series is one that went down Thursday, May 8th. It was a $535 No ‘Limit Triple Shootout. What that means is, to win the tournament; you’d need to win 3 tables, outlasting 8 other players on each table along the way. The tournament had a $300k guarantee to begin with, but reached the maximum prize pool in $364,500, as only 729 players were allowed. The tournament was hosted by David Pham, who’s been terrorizing live tournaments for the past 18+ months.

A great deal of tough tournament players fell by the wayside, just short of the final table. MrSmokey1, AJKHoosier1, Intervention, GBecks, and ActionJeff, fell just short of the coveted final table. The Full Tilt Pro with the best showing, was Erick Lindgren, who fell in 46th place, for $1,530.90. However, some accomplished players were still around for our final nine, as Davidp18, BkiCe, and Jaypahhee (JayPez on Poker Stars) are all players who have what it takes to finish off tournaments like these. Everyone started the final table with 243k in chips, and the blinds started off at 1.2k/2.4k. At the end of the road, $75,545 awaited whoever was skilled and lucky enough to finish off this final table, successfully beating out 3 full tables of players.

Here were the final table participants:

Jaypahhee: 243,000
Tridynamo: 243,000
da Mom2: 243,000
BKiCe: 243,000
Bull1967: 243,000
Davidp18: 243,000
VBILLER: 243,000
rur11: 243,000
BOP B 3AKOHE 1: 243,000

Tridynamo was the first casualty at this final table, as blinds were up to 4k/8k, with a 1k ante. Tridynamo’s stack had wilted down to 74k, and he got in that short stack up against da Mom2’s 99. Tridynamo’s AK was in a coinflip, and took the lead on a King hi flop. The ace turn gave him top two, but the river 9 was just brutal, and a two outer ousted Tridynamo. He left in 9th place, taking home $4,920.75.

The players grinded along, as the blinds were up to 5k/10k, with a 1k ante still. Jaypahhee was all the way down to 60k, and shoved in his stack in, Davidp18 reshoved from the small blind for over 200k, and they were off to the races, with Jaypahhee ahead with 99, against Davidp18’s AT. However, the flop produced a ten for Davidp18, and Jaypahhee never caught up. One of the best players are the final table was out in 8th, collecting $6,925.50.

Davidp18 was responsible for the third elimination at the final table, as the blinds were up to 8k/16k with a 2k ante, and da Mom2 pushed all in with nearly 200k, and Davidp18 reshoved yet again, with 242k. da mom2 showed AK of hearts, while Davidp18. The flop was a disaster for da mom2, as it came J73, all diamonds. No magic came for da mom2, and they’d have to be happy with 7th place, and $10,206.

With the blinds still at 8k/16k, with a 2k ante, VBILLER found himself down to less than seven big blinds. He pulled the trigger with A4, but BKiCe came over the top from the small blind for 161k, with 88. VBILLER flopped a 4 and a gutshot wheel draw, but didn’t get there. He took $14,580 away in 6th place.

The blinds continued their ruthless ascent, as they were up to 10k/20k, with a 2.5k ante as the next huge hand went down. Rur11 opened from the small blind to 54k, as rur11 was blind vs. blind with Davidp18. Davidp18 reshoved for nearly 550k total, and rur11 called all in for 450k total. Davidp18 was way ahead with AK, as rur11 was coolered with AQ. Rur11 got extremely lucky, as Q96 flop rolled out, the turn 8 offered no help, but the river K brought the pot back home to Davidp18. Davidp18 once again eliminated another player, and rur11 was out in 5th for $20,047.50.

The next elimination came at 15k/30k, with a 4k ante, as one of the two remaining well-known players was eliminated. BKiCe had just 275k, and open shoved on the button. He was called by BOP in the big blind, who rolled over A6 of spades, ahead of BKiCe’s 58 off suit. The flop was a nightmare, as it came down AKQ, and no amazing luck came for BKiCe, and he departed in 4th place, for $27,337.50.

The three players traded chips around, with Davidp18 doubling up BOP, losing with 77 vs. AQ. BOP then doubled up Davidp18, with David holding AA against BOP’s KQ, with both hands moving in preflop. Bull1967 was once chip leader, but found himself quite short during 20k/40k with a 5k ante. Bull moved in his 136k stack with AQ, and David was pot stuck with T7 of diamonds. By the turn, David had two pair, and Bull had just Ace hi, and that was all she wrote for Bull. He left in 3rd place, for $36,450.

BOP and David wasted no time during heads-up play, playing out the ultimate hand quickly, and in a cooler. Davidp18 had nearly 1 million, while BOP had 1.2 million. Things could change at any moment, as the blinds were at 25k/50k, with a 6k ante, which meant that neither player could afford to become dormant at this point. BOP made an extremely large raise from the button to 450k, and David pushed all in, BOP called instantly, holding AQ of diamonds vs. David’s AJ offsuit. The flop came 696 with one diamond, the turn brought the seven of diamonds, and the river brought a two of spades on the river. David was the runner up, taking down $51k in the process.

After seven hours of play, BOP B 3AKOHE 1 was the winner, beating out three tables, and taking down an amazing first prize of $76,545. Congratulations to BOP, and congratulations to everyone who cashed big in Event 3! This is just the beginning, so keep posted to FTR Blogs in the coming days we cover the entire FTOPS VIII series!

Here is the entire list of all the players who cashed in the event.

Place Player ID $ Won
1 BOP B 3AKOHE 1 $76,545.00
2 Davidp18 $51,030.00
3 Bull1967 $36,450.00
4 BKiCe $27,337.50
5 rur11 $20,047.50
6 VBILLER $14,580.00
7 da Mom2 $10,206.00
8 Jaypahhee $6,925.50
9 Tridynamo $4,920.75
10 NutRush $3,098.25
11 MrSmokey1 $3,098.25
12 Nicolak $3,098.25
13 Ace93rd $3,098.25
14 luckbox11 $3,098.25
15 AJKHoosier1 $3,098.25
16 203eMarion $3,098.25
17 vickj $3,098.25
18 Sleepy_Hippo $3,098.25
19 Intervention $2,187.00
20 GBecks $2,187.00
21 WLUstudent $2,187.00
22 skippers63 $2,187.00
23 Smogeli $2,187.00
24 filen $2,187.00
25 sandler1860 $2,187.00
26 flip123077 $2,187.00
27 rob479974 $2,187.00
28 get raked $1,530.90
29 Chong94 $1,530.90
30 thebest10 $1,530.90
31 Jordan Catalano $1,530.90
32 kiwid10 $1,530.90
33 threeven $1,530.90
34 Vecanin $1,530.90
35 ActionJeff $1,530.90
36 Antoshka $1,530.90
37 Imustcall $1,530.90
38 padirk165 $1,530.90
39 T9H_all in_T9D $1,530.90
40 jcasper432 $1,530.90
41 ChAnDlErPaRsOnS $1,530.90
42 mischiefofmagic $1,530.90
43 dw2k6 $1,530.90
44 DimJarnaby35 $1,530.90
45 kvnok88 $1,530.90
46 Erick Lindgren $1,530.90
47 beastiemik $1,530.90
48 Enron1 $1,530.90
49 frankiemozz $1,530.90
50 AlphaWice $1,530.90
51 colson10 $1,530.90
52 GoGaGuRu $1,530.90
53 DirtyTowel $1,530.90
54 cdbncsu $1,530.90
55 Gator93 $1,020.60
56 Fidget65 $1,020.60
57 ElCuts $1,020.60
58 multiple melody $1,020.60
59 BigFreedie $1,020.60
60 benvo123 $1,020.60
61 CoinFlip $1,020.60
62 ShiP ThA LooT $1,020.60
63 Freudian Bet $1,020.60
64 rafampvieira $1,020.60
65 GimmeAction $1,020.60
66 BegsClutch $1,020.60
67 Halfrek $1,020.60
68 fan4mizzou $1,020.60
69 VOSY69ER $1,020.60
70 Mike Matusow $1,020.60
71 alkemizt $1,020.60
72 DurangoDan35 $1,020.60
73 DiskoQueen $1,020.60
74 PTAYLOR $1,020.60
75 DBmeplz $1,020.60
76 mattg1983 $1,020.60
77 mdmg1982 $1,020.60
78 jackuup888 $1,020.60
79 tommygunz829 $1,020.60
80 touchempleez $1,020.60
81 AAbleCane $1,020.60