After just over four hours of play, Nick “Grippolio” Grippo has snagged the title of champion in FTOPS XIX’s Event #6.

The tournament itself featured No Limit Hold’em of the 6-Max, Turbo 4X Shootout variety. Each of the 1,296 entrant ponied up $300+$22 for their seat, sending the total prize pool $88,800 past its $300,000 guarantee.

Here’s how the final table finished:

#1 – Grippolio ($68,040)
#2 – pokerproplaya08 ($42,768)
#3 – To_Be_The_Man ($28,460.16)
#4 – zestfulyclean ($19,440)
#5 – tenselmi ($13,608)
#6 – inhidonks ($9,331.20)

For Grippo, this marked his largest Full Tilt cash since a Sunday Brawl in late November, when he finished first out of 2,851 entrants and took home a whopping $115,750.60. The young pro has turned out to be one of the site’s most consistent winners over the past year.

Nearly as impressive is the track record of second place finisher pokerproplaya08, who has been on a solid run over the last few months. Prior to yesterday’s second place finish, their largest recent cash had come in a $50k Guarantee on January 25, when another second place finish drew a respectable $11,267.64.

A trio of Team Full Tilt members also made the money – Steve Brecher (15th, $4,665.60), Josh Arieh (23rd, $3,499.20), and Keith Sexton (113th, $622.08). Tournament host Paul Sexton departed in 414th place, While others such as Brandon Adams (587th), Huckleberry Seed (652nd), Caio Pimenta (835th) and Gavin Smith (1,018th) bowed out early.

Energized by his first place finish, Grippo won an additional $1,198.56 later in the day while competing in FTOPS Event #7. It was a $200+$16 FL HORSE tournament, in which he placed 23rd out of 908.