So yesterday was Valentines Day, not exactly the day you think of Poker and FTR, but I did get to play two tourneys last night.  After dinner, I had about an hour and a half and jumped into a $2 SNG, played according to the rules I had set for myself… and took second.  Later, after the festivities for Valentines day were over, I sat in another $2 SNG on FTP and took third, was tired after ITM, just kind of lowered my guard and bingoed.

 Now, let’s talk about the rules I have set for myself.  I was reading yesterday about card ratings and ‘groups’.  So I wrote some rules for myself (sorry coach).

Group 1:  AA, KK, AK suited or not

Group2: QQ, JJ, TT, AQ

Group 3: AJ, AT, KJ, 99, 88, 77

Group 4: any pair not mentioned, suited high connectors

Group 5: everything else.

Here is how I decided to play them in the early stages of a SNG tourney:  

Group 1 is usually a raise, 4xBB from late positions.  Unless against extreme aggression, re-raise from late position.

Group 2 is definate raise from late position, depending on table: open from early position to mid position with potential to fold to big aggression

Group 3 is small raise from late position, call from early position.  If set play aggressive.

Group 4 is only an option from late position on very wide ranging table

Group 5 is not an option.

Now, I know… everyone is like, you are telling us your strategy?  Well, a little.  I do get kinda wild sometimes, but I’m trying to develop a strategy I can play within… without losing my shirt… something that puts me above the 50% ITM stat.  Anyone want to comment?