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Daniel Negreanu, Peter Eastgate, Doyle Brunson, Eli Elezra, Tom Dwan, Illari Shahmies, Barry Greenstein and David Benyamine were all at the table once again this week on High Stakes Poker.

In the second hand of the night, a double straddle was placed by Eastgate and Brunson. Greenstein made it $15,000 with AJss. Eastgate called with K7ss and Brunson called with J9o. The flop came Jc3s7d with one spade. Eastgate checked, Brunson bet $35,000, and Greenstein called. Eastgate raised to $104,000 sensing some weakness. Brunson snap folded and Greenstein called. The turn came the Ts, giving both players a flush draw. Greenstein bet $175,000 into $291,100 and Eastgate wisely folded.

The biggest talking point of this episode was to come in the next hand. Eastgate made it $3,500 with AKo and Greenstein 3bet AA to $15,000. Dwan thought about 4betting, but then called with KQss and Eastgate called too. The flop came Qh4s2s and Dwan led out $28,700 with top pair and a flush draw. Greenstein re-raised to $100,000 and Dwan re-re-raised to $244,600. Greenstein shoved and Dwan quickly called. With the pot at $919,600 they agreed to run it once. Barry asked Dwan if he wanted to take a couple hundred thousand back, but he declined as Barry declined to run it twice in this hand and previously in the series. The turn came Qc and the river 7d. Dwan scooped the biggest ever pot in televised poker!

In the next hand of note, Ilari “Ziigmund” Sahamies raised to $4,500 with J6dd and Negreanu called with KQo. The flop came Qd6s3d, giving Negreanu top pair. Sahamies bet $8,000 and Negreanu elected just to call. The turn read 6h and Sahamies bet $27,000 into $27,700. Negreanu pushed for $102,400 and Sahamies quickly called. With Negreanu busting for the 3rd time in the series, he quit the game.

One of the final hands for this group of seven players saw Eastgate raise to $3,500 with J9ss. Dwan called with A3dd and David Benyamine raised to $16,000 with 99. Both Eastgate and Dwan called. The flop came 9hQsQd. Benyamine bet $28,000 into $49,200 with his flopped full house, Eastgate called with two pair, and Dwan folded. The turn came 6h and Benyamine  led out for $38,000. Eastgate called and the river came 8c. Benyamine tanked a while and bet $75,000 into $181,200 and Eastgate called, losing the $331,200 pot.

The High Stakes Poker set at the Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas will welcome seven new faces on Sunday, April 12th. They include “The Simpsons” producer Sam Simon, Phil Laak, Joe Hachem, Howard Lederer, Patrik Antonius, and Antonio Esfandiari. In addition, Negreanu will return looking to reverse his luck.