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There was definitely no shortage of high stakes action on the virtual felt at Full Tilt Poker this past year.  We saw the largest ever pot broken several times.  The current record is $723,938, set when Urindanger held pocket Aces versus Durrrr’s pocket Kings.  The record for largest stack online was also set in 2008.  That was just recently accomplished when Ziigmund left the tables with a stack of $1.4 million.  But who were the biggest winners and losers at Full Tilt in 2008?

Well, lets start with the winners…

According to a couple of sources, Phil Ivey was the big winner, taking in $7.54 million.  However, that doesn’t include all game types that were monitored.  Some games were only monitored for part of the year, but taking into account all games and all available hands, here’s the top 10:

  1. OMGClayAiken – $7.025 million
  2. Phil Ivey – $6.575 million
  3.  Durrrr – $6.510 million
  4. Urindanger – $3.673 million
  5.  Trex313 – $3.286 million
  6. David Benyamine- $2.939 million
  7. howisitfeellike – $2.668 million
  8. CHUFTY – $2.368 million
  9.  La Key U – $2.098 million
  10. David Oppenheim $1.695 million

Unfortunately for some, the winnings had to come from somewhere.  Of the top 10 losers, 5 of the accounts are known or rumored to belong to the same person – owner of the Cirque du Soleil, billionaire Guy Laliberte.  Here’s the bottom 10 (all numbers are losses of course).

  1. lady marmelade – $6.632 million
  2. patatino – $4.328 million
  3. elmariachimacho – $4.161 million
  4. Bleachbum – $1.097 million
  5. luvtheWNBA – $1.041 million
  6. SteveSung – $1.010 million
  7. PostflopAction – $999k
  8. noataima $990k
  9. John Juanda – $988k
  10. MSampoerna – $945k

There are also some other well-known players that were not in the top ten, but still had strong years nonetheless.  This includes Ziigmund, with a solid $1.6 million, Patrik Antonius at over $1.5 million, and Eli Elezra at $871k.  Of course many here on FTR might be interested to know that our own Sauce123, aka PrtectYaNeck, came in 27th on the list of top winners at Full Tilt.  So congratulations is in order to Sauce and all of this year’s winners.  It is an impressive group and there’s little doubt that we will see many of the same names at the top of the winners list in 2009.