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Losing never felt so good for Hoerb08, who won a massive €367,411 bad beat jackpot at Poker Heaven earlier today.

With one of, if not the largest bad beat jackpots ever on the site up for grabs, players had been swarming bad beat eligible tables hoping for a big loss. As the jackpot neared €400K, it was only a matter of time before someone hit the hand the hand they were waiting for.

Hoerb08 nailed the jackpot when his Four of a Kind Sixes lost to MilanIsBak’s Nine High Straight Flush. The hand barely qualified, as the weakest losing hand that qualifies for the jackpot is quad sixes. If he had 5555, he would have walked away with nothing but instead won 35% of the jackpot, a whopping €128,594.

His opponent, MilanIsBak, won 17.5% of the total, worth €64,297 while another 17.5% was distributed to the four other players in the hand, at €16,074 each. The final 30% of the jackpot went to a 10% house rake and a 20% seed for the next jackpot.

Thanks to that 20%, Poker Heaven’s new bad beat jackpot counter is already standing strong at just over €80K, and on its way back up. If you want a shot at winning their next jackpot, note that the site does not accept US players. There are many other sites that offer bad beat jackpots, including Carbon Poker, which does accept US players and currently hold the record for the largest online bad beat jackpot ever, at an incredible $1.2 million.