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On Sunday, Huck Seed finally got got his hands on a major heads-up title by winning the 2008 Canadian Open Poker Championship in Calgary, Alberta at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino.

Seed has made a string of cashes in major heads-up tournaments in recent years without quite managing to clinch the title. 2 years ago, he came in for 3rd in the Canadian Open Poker Championship. And in the NBC National Heads-Up Championship, this year he came 3rd, as well as a 9th place finish in 2007, 3rd in 2006 and 9th in 2005.

The buy-in for the event was $5,000, comprising of 64 players which created a prize pool of $290,160 after 2.5% went to charity. Amongst the big name poker players were Gavin Smith, Joe Hachem, Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak.

Seed eventually found himself against Canadian professional, Brad Booth on the final table in a best-out-of-three battle, where after 5 hours of play, Seed finally managed to clinch the championship.

Naturally, Seed was delighted with the win, and said “I love it when the cream rises to the top, and I got a chance to play with the best in the world. I am so happy that I finally won a heads-up tournament.”

Seed was rewarded $100,000 for the win, and Booth cashed in $50,160 for second.

Top 8 players:

1st. Huck Seed- $100,000
2nd. Brad Booth- $50,160
3rd. Graeme Putt- $30,000
4th. Gavin Smith- $30,000
5th. Nghi Van Tran- $20,000
6th. Joe Hachem- $20,000
7th. Van Marcus- $20,000
8th. Shawn Buchanan- $20,000