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Viktor Blom, after a great start to the year, has been on a bit of a downswing. This downswing has coincided with the writing of this series, but we’ll quickly move on from that, as I hope Viktor has (I stopped paying the bodyguards this weekend).

After peaking at a $5.16 Million Profit in January, Viktor has had a steady incline to his graph. Unfortunately for him, apart from a few good days, it’s all been downhill.

Yesterday, Blom started off his work day playing some $25/$50 6-Max PLO. We weren’t set up to catch action at these stakes, but we do know that Viktor came out with a profit of $11,045 from his Hour and a half at these stakes.

What we did manage to catch however was Viktor and Scott “mastrblastr” Seiver facing off over some juicy 2-7TD action. The action started at a $1k/$2k table, where we caught these hands:

With Isildur1 showing an $18,598 profit, the action then moved over to a $1.5k/$3k table, and we managed to grab this large pot:

After playing Seiver for an hour and forty minutes, Blom ended his day, down $72,234 to Scott at the $1.5/$3k tables, and down $42,590 on the day.

This leaves Mr Blom with only a 1.16 Million Dollar Profit on the year. Now while most of us would be very happy at that, considering he did have such a massive lead in the “Most Profitable Player of the Year” meta competition, and considering that he has now been eclipsed at the top of that competition, by not just 1, or 2, but 3 other players, it’s got to hurt.

On the plus side for you guys, Viktor has been seen playing at the “Challenge Tables” on Full Tilt Poker. You can Read about them here, or just download the Full Tilt software, and jump on in.

I’m off to see if I still have my former bodyguards number, and see if he still holds a grudge for my last cheque bouncing. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Isildur1 Watch, and I’ll meet you there.