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Today is St. Paddy Day, and I have an Irish Girlfriend, so I’m going to make this “Watch” as short and sweet as I can get away with.

Viktor may have also been trying to finish his weekend early, as yesterday, he put in another decent volume day. With 2948 hands over nearly 22 hours, I hope Viktor is going to get some sleep before he heads out on the St Paddy’s day party trail.

Viktor Started out with some heads up FLO8, of course being played at the highest levels of $2k/$4. Viktor was playing Patrik “FindaGrind” Antonius, and over 115 hands, Antonius picked up $34,002 from Viktor’s bankroll. Given the stakes, I’d say this was only a small win for Patrik, even though he could go out and buy a decent car with the profits.

Viktor then started his daily 2-7TD 6-Max games. With opposition such as Antonius and Sebastien “Seb86” Sabic, these games could never be described as “soft.” We only caught some of the action, but we know that Viktor is down $138,780 at these table for the day. We have a few hands below:



Viktor then did something that we didn’t expect, although with Isildur1, you really should expect the unexpected. He sat at 2 6-Max Fixed Limit Hold’em tables, and pulled out a $72,465 win. Also sat at these tables was Kyle “KPR 16” Ray, who has been a regular villain in this series, as he and Viktor have been playing a lot recently. We don’t have any video on this battle, as we didn’t expect Viktor to be playing FLHE in, roughly, a million years.

Viktor then sat at his now regular 6-Max FLO8 tables, playing $2k/$4k limits. Viktor was playing FLO8 for most of the rest of his day, with these 6-Max tables making up a decent percentage of his play time. Unfortunately for Viktor, he recent run of success at these tables has been smashed apart, as he lost $217,983 here yesterday. We have some of the bigger hands to show you in the following video.



Viktor’s only other games of the day were heads up FLO8 games, with a mixture of opponents. The first was with “KPR16” and over 144 hands, Viktor lost $211,749, which combined with the money he took from Viktor at the 6-Max tables is more than enough to atone for the losses to Viktor earlier.

After a little extra 2-7TD 6-Max action, Viktor left the tables for a little over 4 hours, probably trying to get his head organised after his big losses.

When he came back, he was back playing FLO8 heads up, but this time, against “SallyWoo.” In Blom’s best session of the day, he ground out a $461,826 win over 670 hands, and we have some of the action below:



It really seems that Viktor may have worked out the reportedly best FLO8 player in the world. Shame the same can’t be said of Kyle “cottonseed1” Hendon, who was the next up on Viktor’s dance card. The two players danced around each other for five hours and 1241 hands, and at the end, Hendon was left holding the bag full of $558,835. We only caught a part of this action, and unfortunately, is wasn’t the bit involving the fireworks, so no video here I’m afraid.

With some extra 6-Max action at both FLO8 and 2-7TD to finish of his day, Viktor headed off to bed at Noon UK time. His account was lighter to the tune of $627,057, which after the positive moves of the recent past, has taken his profits for the year back to around $3Million. The day wasn’t all bad though, Viktor has show  that he is still capable of beating the world’s best in the games he has chosen. “SallyWoo” is widely considered the best FLO8 player online, and Viktor took nearly half a million from their playing account yesterday. Without the massive loss to “cottonseed1” this could have been considered a reasonable break even day. I’m still clinging on to my thoughts that Viktor will continue to improve, and have more winning days that losing ones, but based on the past 24 hours, I really think Viktor really needs to find the off switch rather than playing through losing sessions.

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