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On Friday, I left my comfy, well decorated Isildur proof bunker. Today, I’m seriously considering going back in. Friday’s results appear to have been a blip on Viktor’s ever deepening downswing, because he’s doing it again, and feeding the sharks at Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, and Fixed Limit Omaha Hi/Lo.

Viktor’s day didn’t start well, with 25 hands of $1.5k/$3k 2-7TD across 2 tables costing him the galling amount of $77,750. It was an expensive 11 minutes.

Viktor was plying two different opponents in Rui Cao and “Seb86,” with Seb taking the lion’s share of the loot with $58,250.

After a short break, Viktor re-sat Cao, and over 312 hands and 2 hours of 2-7TD (at the same limits as before), booked his only winning session of the day. Viktor had some great runs, and took 4 or 5 hands in row on several occasions. He did this with a combination of aggression, and a shinier luckbox than Rui, as we can see here:

Rui opened from the button, and capped after Blom’s re-raise. Blom called, and in the first draw, Blom took 2 cards, and Rui 1. Viktor checked to Rui’s aggressive line, only to complete his check raise plan after Rui’s raise. Cao called, and in the 2nd draw both players stood pat. After that Blom raised, and Cao just called behind. No-one took any cards with their last opportunity to do so. Blom check-raised the last round of betting, getting a call from Rui Cao.

Viktor turned over 76432 for hi 7 high Lo. Cao mucked his obviously strong hand, and the $36k pot slid over the virtual felt and into Blom’s growing stack. The session ended with Blom up $166,928

If only the day had continued in this vein, I wouldn’t be considering a return to a poured concrete shelter. The rest of the day was ugly for Viktor.

Viktor and “Seb86” faced off again, and over the next 107 hands and 42 minutes, Viktor lost another $87,756 to the Frenchman. While Isildur won the 4 biggest posts in this battle, it was the smaller and middling pots that went in the direction of Seb, and it was these that tipped the balance in his favour. And, as we can see, the rub of the green doesn’t hurt either…

Viktor started off the action with a customary raise from the button, which earned a call from Seb. Seb decided to discard 3, while Isildur decided 2 was his lucky number. Seb checked to the raiser, and Blom fired out another bet. Seb called behind, and then proceeded to discard a single card, and Blom followed suit.
Seb checked again, allowing Blom to fire out the 1st of the big bets. Seb’s call took the players to the 3rd draw, where they both discarded just one card. In a break from the rest of the hand, Seb was the aggressor here, and fired out, Viktor came back over the top, and Seb called.
Viktor showed 86543, while Seb’s 86432 was just a little better to scoop the $27k pot.

Halfway through this battle with “Seb86” our Swedish protagonist opened up a second front against “KPR16” at a $2k/$4k FLO8 table. Most of us find it hard enough to multi table a single Heads Up game type, and here was Viktor splitting his attention between both 2-7TD and FLO8.

Unfortunately, today wasn’t Viktor’s day, and he proceeded to drop another £70k. This is the biggest pot we found that didn’t split.

KPR opened from the button, and Viktor fired back another $2k, which KPR called. The flop came K82, and Blom bet into the pot from out of position, and his bet was called. The turn came with a 3, opening up some Lo draws. Viktor fired out again, and saw his bet re-raised by KPR. He called to bring the T river. With no straights or flushes on the board, Viktor checked, and then called American’s bet.

Isildur mucked his hand when he saw KPR’s 26AA for a pair of aces to take the high, and an 8 lo, to take the low pot.

After his 2-7 match had finished with “Seb86” Viktor obviously didn’t want to single table, as even before he’d finished with “KPR16”, he was back facing Rui Cao over the virtual felt again.
We didn’t manage to catch any of these hands, but we do know that Rui took another $96,666 from Viktor’s account, and added it to his own. Not that this win helped his day, he was down a total of $76,411 on the day.

Blom’s day ended with him down another $165,249, and by our numbers dropping his profit for the year to about $2,155,000. So he’s not on the streets yet.

If you’d like to try and jump on board the Viktor Blom rollercoaster, and play the legend himself, Full Tilt are offering you the chance. They have set up “Challenge Tables” for you to do so. All you need to do is download the client, and get going.

I’m going to be watching some doomsday conspiracy theorists on a satellite channel, getting some ideas on what I’m going to need to survive in my bunker if Viktor doesn’t pull out of this tail spin.